Transform Yourself with ParamaShivoham Level 1

Are you ready to experience your own transformation and connect with your highest possibilities?

Join us for the upcoming Paramashivoham Level 1 program from March 10th to March 30th, 2023. This beginner’s course is designed to help you detoxify yourself from negative influences and unlock your full potential.

KAILASA’S Mahaparamashivoham Level II

Lifestyle of Awakening, Experiencing, Living, Radiating Ultimate Consciousness

Paramashivoham is a program that teaches the science of power manifestation through various initiations and darshans. The major benefits include:

  1. Unlocking four powers and manifesting desires
  2. Conquering life, relationships, wealth, health, and fear of death
  3. Attaining unclutched state for enlightenment
  4. Understanding the various states of consciousness, dimensions, and the importance of the space we are in, and practicing action without attachment to live enlightenment.

KAILASA’s Pacchai Pattini Vratham

Every year, the Maasi festival is celebrated on the last Sunday of the Tamil month Maasi and ends on the last Sunday of Tamil month Panguni. Devi Mahamariamman, manifestation of Parashakti (Cosmic feminine consciousness) observes a 28-day fast (a special dietary regimen) during this time called the Pacchai Pattini Vratham for the welfare of Her devotees.