20th December 2021
8pm IST


Arudra Darshan

What is special about Arudra Darshan? 

Bhagavan Nataraja receives six Abhishekams a year. This is the first one early morning Abhisekam in Deva loka (Abode of Gods)  One year of planet earth is one day for Deva Loka. So In Deva Loka they do six puja, six Abhishekams to Bhagavan Nataraja, which maps to 6 Abhishekams a year. . This is the first of the six Abhishekams.

The SPH JGM Nithyananda Paramashivam

Who is Bhagavan Nataraja?

Bhagavan Nataraja is the manifestation of Paramashiva who performs the Ananda Tandava – the Cosmic Dance 

Bhagavan Nataraja is the lord of all the spiritual experiences and hindu cosmology

Bhagavan Nataraja is also called Ambala Koothan as he is always dancing in bliss and ecstasy

Bhagavan Nataraja in his cosmic dance, is creating the principles of creation with one hand and sustaining the principles of sustenance, rejuvenation, pulling out of delusion and liberation with the other.

Benefits of worshipping Nataraja


Worshipping Lord Nataraja bestows the knowledge of creativity and the knowledge of expressing creativity in all dimensions such as
Becoming an entrepreneur
Being Inventive
Awakens Multi-Dimensional thinking
Awakening Artistic qualities
Awakening the Right Hemisphere of the brain

Seeking Health Benefits
Worshipping Nataraja is spiritually beneficial for the people with the diseases related to “APASMARA” (Non-remembrance) such as –

Alzheimer disease.
Lewy body dementia.
Frontotemporal dementia.
Progressive supranuclear palsy.
Normal pressure hydrocephalus.
Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (mad cow disease)

Seeking Wealth Benefits
As Nataraja is the Lord of Pancha kritya he not only creates and bestows the wealth in our life but also gives us the intelligence to know how to sustain the wealth that is being created

Nataraja blesses for the the higher intelligence to handle the Maya Matrix from the space of the Supreme bliss.
Both the outer world and inner world riches are granted by Nataraja’s blessings.

Seeking Liberation
Do you suffer from the weight of you patterns and your bodages. The offering of seva to Nataraja can become a surrender of all your karma for you to live life powerfully. Nataraja stands in a liberating stance lifting his foot for us to raise out of maya and find liberation.
Seek his blessings to be in oneness with him and raise yourself to bring integrity and authenticity to all your actions, and you will see Him happening in you, and in your life.

Paramashiva describes His own manifestation as Nataraja(Nrittamurti)

Kamikagama, Uttarapada, nṛtttamūrti sthāpana vidhiḥ, Verse 1-2

नृत्तमूर्ति प्रतिष्ठां तु वक्ष्ये तल्लक्षणान्वितम ।
चतुर्भुजस्त्रेणेत्रश्च संविकीर्ण जटायुतः ॥

nṛttamūrti pratiṣṭhāṁ tu vakṣye tallakṣaṇānvitam |
caturbhujastriṇetraśca saṁvikīrṇa jaṭāyutaḥ ||

Translation – Now, I explain in details the process of installation of the Dancing Form of Lord Siva, along with the characteristic lineaments of that form. The form of Nataraja is associated with four hands; three eyes; dishevelled matted hair; the specific form of the crown designed with matted hair, encircled by the cobra appearing with bent and expanded hood.


“Life is cosmic dance,…Nothing compared to the beauty of cosmic dance; the highest, most powerful principle, most powerful manifestation of Paramashiva is Nataraja.”

Paramashiva when He was dancing, suddenly one anklet falls but He is not stopping the dance. He doesn’t feel stuck. He doesn’t bother about the so-called perfection, understand. He’s an absolute perfectionist. But when He is dancing, perfectionism does not stop His action. Perfectionism does not put Him in inaction.

You cannot see more perfect than Paramashiva’s Ananda Tandava. But … when His anklet falls, He doesn’t wait. He continues! In your life either you give up perfectionism or you give up beginning, initiating, continuously moving. In these two, you give up any one; that is what is delusion. Listen: feeling stuck is the only sin in the life. Cosmos does not feel stuck. Just because of its nature of not feeling stuck, … it manifest the space of perfectionism.