KAILASA Launches Next Season of the Paramashivoham Global Convention


November 06, 2023 – KAILASA Launches Next Season of the Paramashivoham Global Convention

Today marked the commencement of the latest season of the Paramashivoham Global Summit, conducted simultaneously at three distinct levels, bringing together a total of 656 delegates from 54 countries.

The Paramashivoham Global Summit is among the world’s most pioneering events. Meticulously designed under the guidance of the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism (SPH) Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam, the summit offers profound and practical teachings covering all aspects of human existence, rooted in the world’s most ancient civilization: Sanatana Hindu Dharma.

The Summit empowers individuals to understand and address the myriad challenges faced by humanity at both the individual and societal levels. Delegates who graduate from the Summit are equipped to tackle these issues and serve as exemplary role models worldwide. The Summit facilitates a profound conscious transformation, enabling individuals to embrace higher principles and adopt an ancient enlightened lifestyle in harmony with nature. The teachings they receive empower them to experience a sense of oneness and collective unity, fostering an understanding of the imperative need for peaceful coexistence on planet Earth. Moreover, it provides them with the tools to apply these principles on a global scale.

Presidential Address by the SPH

The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism graced this first day of Summit with a live appearance, initiating the delegates into Gayatri, thereby awakening their Consciousness and possibilities to begin their journey. The SPH’s live appearance was streamed live on 534 social media handles and web televisions, gathering more than 1.4 million views from a global audience.

Highlights from Paramashivoham Level-3: The Summit’s Advanced Level

On the opening day of the advanced level of the Summit, the curriculum was meticulously designed to initiate delegates into the science of manifesting their conscious intentions into reality. These teachings revolved around the core principle of responsibility, encouraging delegates to take charge of their surroundings and recognize their duty to proactively address all challenges they encounter, both their own and those of others.

Through the initiation of these profound insights, KAILASA aspires to cultivate a new generation of leaders, influencers, and contributors across various domains. These individuals will embody values of contribution and consistently act as a source of strength for the betterment of human society. They will actively engage in social life, playing integral roles in fostering positive change.

For more information about the Paramashivoham Global Summit: https://events.kailaasa.org/

Press Contact: Press Office of the Holy See of Hinduism

Email: [email protected]

For More Information on KAILASA:https://kailaasa.org/

Hinduism: The Home of Authentic Yoga

Hinduism: The Home of Authentic Yoga

Hinduism: The Home of Authentic Yoga

Most practitioners of Yoga would agree to the statement that authentic Yoga is a spiritual practice, but few actually cognize the fact that Yoga is a part of, and inseparable from Hinduism. Any attempt of separating the two removes the very core component of Yoga and leaves behind a mere physical exercise and some breathing techniques. Yoga is a Hindu Ritual, manifesting the Oneness of man with the Divine.

For tens of thousands of years the practice of Yoga has only been passed down from Guru to disciple, until in the more recent times it started being written down and made available to the world. This, however, has lead to the unfortunate distortion of this sacred science, loss of context, and complete ignorance of its true origin and value to humanity.

Yoga history and origin – Yoga has a Religion and that is Hinduism!

Yoga is a time-tested, fool-proof system, unveiled to humanity by Paramashiva Himself some 60,000 years ago. It is a complete system that anyone can practice in order to acquire the best physique and physiology required to manifest the state and powers of Paramashiva Himself. This system takes into account all the different bodies of the past, present and future. As such, it cannot be improved and has no need for modernization. Any modification of the science will not only dilute the results, but can transform it into something else completely, thus losing the great possibilities authentic Yoga holds.

A Revival of Authentic Yoga

Since 2001, the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism (SPH), Jagatguru MahaSannidhanam, His Divine Holiness, Bagawan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam, has worked tirelessly to revive the great science of Yoga, researching over a million authentic Hindu scriptural references on Yoga, and formulating the most authentic Yoga system – Nithyananda Yoga, directly from the source, just as Paramashiva intended Yoga to be.

The authentic practice of Nithyananda Yoga is essential to any seeker on the path of spiritual enlightenment. The initial step in the practice of authentic Yoga is always the Shaktipada, an initiation by the Enlightened Master, infusing Kundalini Energy into the disciple, giving them an enlightenment experience of the highest potential, which they can draw upon and replicate.

For more information on Nithyananda Yoga please visit the Nithyananda Yoga YouTube channel.

Authentic Yoga Practice

Every Authentic Yoga practice starts with the Achamana, the Ritualistic cleansing, performed for all Hindu rituals. Next, respect is paid to the Guru, who initiated and awakened the disciple’s Kundalini Shakti. Then, respect is offered to the Parampara, the lineage of Masters who passed on their knowledge and initiations from generation to generation. And finally, Paramashiva Himself is invoked, to bring through the oneness with the Divine. Only then can the physical part of the Yoga practice take place.

The physical components of Yoga – Asanas (Postures), Bandhas (Energy locks), Mudras (Energy circuits), Pranayamas (Breathing techniques), and finally the Gaze (directing the energy flow), align the Body to the Cosmic Geometry in order to retain the energy which is infused by the Guru, transforming the body into a suitable vessel for the infusion of the Divine.

The Yogic Lifestyle

Yoga itself doesn’t end at the edge of the Yoga mat; The Yogic lifestyle requires a holistic, spiritual approach with guidelines on a multitude of components, including:

      • Food – pure vegetarian diet, how it is grown, how it is prepared, body detox techniques
      • Hygiene – Strict hygiene guidelines and purification techniques
      • Yajnas and Homas (Fire Rituals) and Kriyas (Techniques) – for specific spiritual purposes, such as wealth, fertility and much, much more
      • Ayurveda – The Science of Life, covering all aspects of life, health and well being, etc

All of these components make for a full, spiritual, enlightening Yoga experience in the individual, preparing the vessel to retain the intense Divine energy for longer, as per the original intentions of its creator, Paramashiva.

Nithyananda Yoga: Authentic Yoga Directly from Paramashiva

Nithyananda Yoga: Authentic Yoga Directly from Paramashiva

Nithyananda Yoga: Authentic Yoga Directly from Paramashiva

For most Yogis around the world, Enlightened Master Patanjali is the Father of Yoga. He presented to the world a system called Ashtanga Yoga, comprising of 8 dimensions of Yoga, some 3,000 years ago, which is the foundation for most Yoga practices throughout the world today. Little do we know, however, that Yoga was in fact first revealed in great detail over 60,000 years before Patanjali. Unfortunately, many Yoga Gurus all over the world stop at Patanjali, not digging deeper to find the original source and intention behind the science of Yoga.

3 Sacred Truths about Yoga

In order to catch a deeper understanding of Yoga, the reader must first understand the following 3 sacred truths about Yoga:

      1. Yoga is from Paramashiva – Yoga did not originate from Patanjali. Patanjali is the “organizer” not the “originator”. Yoga was first revealed to the world by Paramashiva within the Agamas
      2. Yoga is from Hinduism – Yoga cannot be developed or separated from Hinduism. It is a perfect system that was revealed by Paramashiva as a complete science, with a clear purpose and intention. You cannot develop on Paramashiva; Altering Yoga is a dilution, not a development.
      3. Yoga is the Science of radiating Enlightenment – Yoga is not just a practice of keeping you healthy, it goes much beyond, it is the science of manifesting powers and radiating Enlightenment.

Throughout Hindu history, after the revelation of Yoga, great yogis and Sadhus practised Yoga to acquire the best physique and physiology to manifest the state and powers of Paramashiva.  Ultimately, Yoga is for awakening the Kundalini Shakti, awakening the inner powers and merging the individual consciousness with the Cosmic Consciousness. Aghoris, Sadhus and Sannyasis alike, have always exemplified these yogic powers, and demonstrated incredible feats such as materialization, remote viewing, blindfold reading, and much, much more. THIS is authentic Yoga!

A perfect, complete science from Paramashiva

Yoga is a perfect, complete science revealed by Paramashiva Himself who has taken into account all different body types of the past, present and future. As such, it cannot be improved upon. The secular world has diluted this great science for the sake of modernization and commercialization, but understand, if you’ve practised something in the name of Yoga, you should always ask your instructor for the clear reference. Where did this technique come from?

The Revival of Authentic Yoga

Nithyananda Yoga is the revival of THE original Shashtanga Yoga, revealed and gifted to the world by the living Avatar and Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism (SPH) Nithyananda Paramashivam, exactly as per the original intention of Paramashiva, not as mere physical exercise, but as a clear path to manifest yogic powers, and ultimately, Enlightenment.

It emphasises the importance of breath control, meditation, and asanas to achieve self-awareness and inner peace. Shashtanga, from Sanskrit, means ‘six-limbs’ referring to the six aspects of yoga that are emphasised in the Yoga practice:

  1. Yama: The ethical principles and codes of conduct that guide our actions in the world.
  2. Niyama: The personal practices and disciplines that help us cultivate self-awareness and inner peace.
  3. Asana: The physical postures that are designed to strengthen the body and improve flexibility.
  4. Pranayama: The breath control exercises that help us regulate our breathing and improve our overall health.
  5. Pratyahara: The practice of withdrawing our senses from external distractions and focusing our attention inward.
  6. Dharana: The concentration techniques that help us focus our mind and achieve a state of meditation.

Nithyananda Yoga – Divine Initiation onto the path of Enlightenment

Nithyananda Yoga, however, is not just the practice of Yoga, it is the “initiation” into Yoga by a Living Avatar of Paramashiva! As the embodiment of Paramashiva – the Cosmic Superconsciousness, the SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam has the capacity to infuse Cosmic Energy into everybody and raise them up to His frequency, through the process of Shaktinipada, entangling their consciousness with His, from the context of Oneness.

The practice of Nithyananda Yoga effectively prepares the body to sustain the energy of the initiation of the Master, resulting in a perfect, healthy yogic body radiating Shaktis, the powers, grace and glory of Paramashiva. While ordinary Yogic paths require years and sometimes even lifetimes of effort, this unique path has the SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam Himself initiating and awakening the highest possibilities within us. With this, we are able to effortlessly align ourselves from the context or Oneness with Paramashiva, where all possibilities and yogic powers or Shaktis simply manifest.

Every Nithyananda Yoga technique is foolproof, time-tested, powerful, ancient, and is designed and developed from the space of superconsciousness. Every technique is provided for us to tune all aspects of ourselves – the nervous system, muscle memory and our consciousness itself, to the highest frequency of Paramashiva, in order to evolve us into a new, superconscious species – into Divine Beings!

Nithyananda Yoga: The Most Authentic Yoga from Source Scriptures

Nithyananda Yoga: The Most Authentic Yoga from Source Scriptures

The Lineage of Yoga

Throughout the Hindu history, after the revelation of Yoga by Paramashiva Himself, great Yogis and sadhus practiced Yoga to acquire the best physique and physiology to manifest the state and powers of Paramashiva. This is authentic Yoga.

Even just 30 years back, Yogananda Puri was alive on Earth, shamelessly showcasing the Shaktis from the Hindu Shastra. He was born in 1921 in a small village in the outskirts of Tiruvannamalai. He grew up practicing the traditions of the Natha Sampradaya evolved into a powerful Yogi roaming all over India. For a long time, he resided in what is now Burma until in 1948 when the British split India into smaller countries. That is when he returned to Tiruvannamalai and settled down.

But it wasn’t until 1978, his true purpose for descending on planet Earth was fulfilled.

January 1978, the cosmos Itself was born in a human body. In the twilight hour of the morning. He assumed the body inside his mother’s womb. His name was Rajasekaran and He would later be known to the world as SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam.

Yogananda Puri was in the young Avatar’s life from the beginning on. 

The Avatar SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam describes the extraordinary power Yogananda Puri carried. He says, “My Guru, Raghupati Yogi, he is extraordinary. He is totally a body of miracles! He is just a bunch of miracles! That’s all! Anything he does will be miracle. He will just sip the cold water through the nose, and spit that water through mouth, and it will be boiling water! I have seen the kind of a play he will do. And he will sip the hot coffee through the mouth, and just start releasing that through the nose. By the time it reaches the ground, it will become ice-ball, please understand, ice-cube! Means, he can play anything with his body! He can make his body as hot boiler or freezer! I have seen with my own eyes, he cooking just by touching the pot! In the mud pot, he will put water, rice, and just touch it. In two minutes rice is ready! He will tell, ‘Come on, eat! The kind of a heat he will generate through his body, or cold he can generate through his body! His body was a freezer, boiler, all put together! Early morning, when he wakes me up and takes me to the temple to teach Yoga, during this Margazhi month, the water will be very cold. I have seen him doing this multiple times. He will just point to the area where I am taking bath. That area will be warm. Sometimes, even hot water! In the temple tank, he will put his finger and say, ‘Come on. Take bath!” It will be warm water or hot water, never I felt the cold! That is a totally different level. I am talking, normal, so-called, your plane. And my grandfather-the kind of a faith he had about his body! We are the last generation who have seen those kind of people.”

Now, the SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam has promised not only to make thousands of Yogis, but lead the whole world into a conscious awakening.

Nithyananda Yoga – The authentic Yoga

Nithyananda Yoga is the revival of THE original Yoga. It has been revealed and gifted to the world by Living Avatar SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam as per the intention of Paramashiva, not as a mere physical exercise but as a clear path to manifest yogic powers.

Nithyananda Yoga is all about experiencing, expressing and manifesting the state, space, powers and glory of Paramashiva!

Revival of Paramashiva’s Original Yoga

For most Yogis around the world, enlightened master Patanjali is the Father or Yoga: He presented a system call Ashtanga Yoga, comprising 8 dimensions of Yoga, approximately 3,000 years ago.

Little we know that Yoga was revealed in details by Paramashiva, the first and foremost Guru, in a system He revealed as Shashtanga Yoga, over 60,000 years before Patanjali!

Paramashiva reveals Shashtanga Yoga in the Kirana Agama – (Yoga Pada 2.3), one of the original authentic scripture on Yoga:

प्रत्याहारस्तथा ध्यानं प्राणायामोस्थ धारणम् ।
आसनञ्च समाधिश्च योगाङ्गानि षडेव तु ॥ ३ ॥

pratyaharastatha dhyana prā āyāmostha dharaam |
Asanañcasamadhiśca Yoga gani a evatu||3||

It is to be known that there are six limbs of Yoga. Now listen to those various subservient parts of yogic practice: pratyahira, dhyana, prääyäma, dhiraa, isana, and samadhi are the six constituents of the Yogasystem.

Three truths you need to know about Yoga

On June 21st 2016 International Day of Yoga, the SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam addressed the world in a mind blowing discourse, sharing sacred secrets on the true Origins of Yoga. Here is what you have never been told, but need to know about Yoga:

1) Yoga is from Paramashiva

This first thing you need to know is that Yoga did not originate from Patanjali. “Patanjali is the organizer, not originator. That’s the first thing you need to know”, said the SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam.

The SPH explained, “With all my respects to Patanjali, I want to declare this truth to the world: 60,000 years before Patanjali, a Being walked on the Planet Earth, assuming the physical form, Adi Guru, Paramashiva, the Founder and Father of the Yoga system.

Patanjali Yoga Sutras is a great book, no doubt, but not the first book. Unfortunately, many popular Yoga gurus all over the world, always stop with Patanjali. Very few say Yoga was before Patanjali, and even if they say, they’re not able to present the scriptures and literature.

All the revelations of Paramashiva are called Agamas, the complete work of Paramashiva, where He presents detailed, elaborate material with high quality precision. People are very comfortable having Patanjali as the originator of Yoga because Patanjali can be secularized, but not Paramashiva.

2) Yoga is from Hinduism

The second important truth is that Yoga is from Hinduism.

Always ask for the original source. It is unfortunate that the original scriptures revealed by Paramashiva are not available for the masses. It is unfortunate nobody promoted that. Because it is very easy to secularize Patanjali; very difficult to secularize Paramashiva.

We need to understand that Yoga cannot be developed and cannot be separated from Hinduism. It is a perfect system that was revealed by Paramashiva and further organized by living enlightened masters, disciples of Paramashiva over thousands of years, with a clear purpose, an intention.

You cannot develop on Paramashiva. Yoga is a complete science that has taken into account all types of bodies past, present and yet to come in the future. Altering Yoga is not development but dilution.

The secular world has diluted a great science that we are yet to discover and reveal to the masses. But first understand, if you have practiced something in the name of Yoga, ask your teacher for the clear reference. Where did this technique come from? Always ask for the source. Only then you should even consider practicing these techniques safely.

3) Yoga is the science of radiating enlightenment
The third important truth is that Yoga is not just the science of keeping you healthy, Yoga is the science of radiating enlightenment.

Through Yoga one attains liberation
Sastra Pramana, scriptural authority:
Paramashiva reveals in Kirana Agama-Yoga Pada (II.3)
योगाद्सिद्धिश्च मोक्षश्च तदभ्यासाच्छुभम् खग ।
षडङ्गरसच बोद्धव्यस्तस्याङ्गाम् सृणुष्व तत् ॥
Yogadsiddhiśca mokshaśca tadabhyäsäcchubham khaga|
shadagassaca boddhavyastasya gamshnu vatat ||

Through the practice of Yoga one can attain beneficent accomplishments. He can attain liberation. He can ascend to the state of ineffable bliss.

Yoga is not just the ability to stretch your body. It is ability to manifest what you want. Yoga is not all about making you better man. Yoga is all about making you Superman.

Nithyananda Yoga is THE Yoga for your body

Power of yogic physiology

Understand, Yogic Body means: power, energy, flexibility, health. All these four put together is Yogic body. Yogic body in itself is a Power. All four qualities are worked upon and developed through the authentic practice of Nithyananda Yoga”, including traditional asanas, pranayamas, yogic cleansing techniques, mudras, bandhas, and the traditional Rope and Pole Yoga: Shivakhamba.
When the body is intensely prepared by the practice of Nithyananda Yoga and Shivakhamba, the master’s initiation- the Shaktipata, simply becomes Power.

The Power of Yogic physiology is the ability to go beyond food. The ability to build itself on pure Prana and long breath. The ability to go beyond sleep, eat as much as it wants or as little as possible. A Yogic body is the one whose muscle memory expresses its peak possibilities.

Having a glimpse of enlightenment, a satori, is not difficult. But to hold and radiate the same energy continuously, the body needs preparation.
It needs to develop a strong nervous system. Only then it will hold the master’s energy during initiation. It will directly manifest as powers.
In a male body you should start with power, then add flexibility, then add energy; it will become healthy. For female body, start with flexibility, then add power, then add energy; it will become healthy. That is why the male body should start from Shivakhamba.

Nithyananda Yoga is a great possibility! The possibility to live an extraordinary life, in an extraordinary body. You are now ready to start your practice!

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Power Manifestation: Science to Manifest Paramashivattva

Power Manifestation: Science to Manifest Paramashivattva

“Breathe Paramashiva, make people breathe Paramashiva. Manifest Paramashiva, make people manifest Paramashiva!”

“Neither there is a law nor there is a logic in Paramashiva’s functioning. There is a tremendous love and integrity to His love. Once you catch His love and His integrity to his love, you will understand, that is the way He functions.”

Paramashiva has nothing to achieve through anyone. Neither money, nor beauty, nor age, nor wealth, nor possessions – whatever anyone may think as most valuable in their life, nothing is useful for Him. He is not looking at someone for any utility value. He is looking at them only as a conscious value. He is flowing towards the person just to manifest through them. He is rushing towards someone just to manifest through them. Even if all wealth, life, beauty, car, bank balance, houses are offered to Paramashiva, it is like a lion cub offering grass to a lion.

Manifesting Paramashiva is manifesting Paramashiva with all his powers and qualities. For that, you only need to declare “Paramashivoham.” The moment seeking starts in someone, they already received the incoming call from Paramashiva. Now they have the Adhikaāra (authority) to declare “Paramashivoham” and start manifesting the powers and experiences of Paramashiva, and manifest life as they want. Declaration alone is powerful enough to manifest the powers of Paramashiva, and Paramashiva is waiting to fulfill it, waiting to manifest through the person.

“Declare with all your will, ‘Paramashivoham!’ Manifest what you want in your life. If I am Paramashiva, this is the way I want my life, let me manifest it. Just by the power of the declaration of Paramashivoham, make the body as you want. Just by the power of the declaration of Paramashivoham, make the mind as you want. Just by the power of the declaration of Paramashivoham, make life as you want.”

Every time someone declares “Paramashivoham,” Paramashiva rushes towards the person to manifest through them, because the Whole wants to manifest through every part, the Whole by Its nature wants to manifest and celebrate Its existence through every part. The moment someone even has the guts to declare “Paramashivoham,” Paramashiva just feels mesmerized by the person and He just lands and manifests through the person. Manifesting the powers and experiences of Paramashiva is the purpose of all that exists. The purpose of all life is to manifest Paramashiva. Whenever a being declares and moves towards manifesting Paramashiva, all of Existence supports that being and rushes towards them.

Manifest Powers to Remember You Are Paramashiva

Low and powerless inner image is the result of forgetting the original state of Paramashivatva – the space of being Paramashiva. SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam affirms that the only way this state can be remembered again and again is when the powers of Paramashiva are manifested.

Only when the powers are manifested; the low inner image gets transformed to the powerful space of Paramashiva. Paramashiva is the source and the one who can manifest and play with powers. Being in Oneness with Paramashiva facilitates the manifestation of these powers.

“Manifesting powers every day in your day to day life will change your opinion about you. And the beauty of Paramashivatva is when you change as you want, the outer, even the inner [world] whatever need to be changed will be awakened, and you’ll go through a change. Your identity about you will change.”

The powers can be used for everyday simple events like changing the traffic signal so one can move through the traffic faster and healing knee pain to as great as manifesting whatever someone wants as reality.

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