Physical Health Recoveries

Eating Disorders

100% of participants  recorded total recovery from eating disorders

Chronic Fatigue

100% of participants recorded total recovery from chronic fatigue

Rheumatoid Arthritis

92% of participants
showed marked total recovery from rheumatoid arthritis


78% of participants showed marked recovery from osteo-arthritis


79% of participants showed marked recovery from asthma

Chronic Headaches

71% of participants showed marked recovery from chronic headaches

Mental Health Recoveries


97% of participants reported total recovery from depression

Freedom from Phobias

89% of participants reported complete freedom from phobias

Anger and Frustration

82% of participants reported complete freedom from anger and frustration

Recovery from Insomnia

88% of participants showed marked recovery from insomnia

Panic Attack & Insecurity

76% of participants reported recovery from panic attacks & freedom from insecurity

Mental Focus & Freedom from Mood Swing

73% of participants reported an increase in mental focus & freedom from mood swings

Lifestyle Transformations

Better Eating Habit

93% of participants reported better eating habits at the end of the program

Freedom From Smoking

86% of participants have decided to stop smoking at the end of the program

Freedom From Drinking

84% of participants have decided to stop drinking at the end of the program

Substance Abuse

86% of participants have decided to stop using addictive substances at the end of the program

Increase in Cellular Energy

100% of participants recorded a drastic increase in energy level, averaging 1300%

Mental Focus & Freedom from Mood Swing

73% of participants reported an increase in mental focus & freedom from mood swings

Course Highlights

Manifest Your Reality

13th June

  1. Power Demo
  2. Avatar Shastra
  3. Introduction to MPSM
  4. Science of Power Manifestation
  5. Chidambara – Power of Inner Space
  6. Bhagavān Gajamukha Murthy + Sampragnata Samādhi
  7. Kalpataru
  8. Introduction to Chakra

Experience Formless in the Form

14th June

  1. Genesis of Identity
  2. Reclaim Life Through Completion
  3. Asampragnata Samādhi
  4. Happening of the Lingodbhava
  5. Paratva Conscious Supremacy and Conscious Sovereignty
  6. The Universe – Big Bang, V Hole, Black Hole, Grey Hole, WHOLE – Part 1
  7. The Universe – Big Bang, V Hole, Black Hole, Grey Hole, WHOLE – Part 2
  8. Jyotisha- Vedic Astrology
  9. Surya Siddhanta

The Biology of Enlightenment: Discovering Your Divine Potential

15th June

  1. Salokya Samādhi
  2. Four Tattvas Make You Sadāśiva
  3. Bhagavan Sadashiva Murthy – Pancha Kritya of Paramaśiva
  4. Number Universe
  5. Sadashiva Rahasya
  6. Sadāśiva Tattva – How to Make Sadāśiva In You
  7. Vertical Time Zone – Time Zones of the 14 Loka – Other Worlds
  8. 25 States of Consciousness
  9. 11 Dimensions

Awakening the brain grooves to grasp the higher dimensions of life

16th June

  1. Svarupa Samadhi
  2. Sthavaram Janganam Vyaptam
  3. Conscious Elasticity
  4. Rewiring the Brain
  5. 11+ Methodologies To Develop Subtle Brain Grooves
  6. Use Brain to Reflect The Cosmos
  7. Super Powers Through Super Brain
  8. Access the Second Dimension – Frequency Universe
  9. Your Brain Can Access Different Dimensions of the Universe

Awaken Wealth Consciousness

17th June

  1. Vaikunta Loka and Devotion
  2. Wealth as per Hinduism
  3. Completing restricting Wealth Patterns
  4. Completion with Jealousy and Comparison
  5. Awakening Wealth Consciousness With Thought Currents of Swarnakarshana Bhairava and Dhanakarshana Bhairava
  6. Guru's Grace is the ultimate wealth
  7. Techniques for Wealth Manifestation
  8. Luxury of Simplicity

Breathe beauty and grace into the body

18th June

  1. Saayujya Samādhi
  2. Arogya Spurana – Health As Per Ayurveda
  3. Science of Kayakalpa
  4. Science of Spiritual Healing
  5. Freedom to Design Your Body
  6. Science of Anti Aging
  7. What is Yoga?
  8. Detoxification – Part 1 [food and body]
  9. Detoxification – Part 2 [Toxins]

True Love and fulfilling relationships is your birthright

19th June

  1.  Sameepya Samādhi (Nearness With Paramaśiva )
  2. Relationships – Patterns or Possibilities
  3. Completion with Others+ Maheśwara Pūja + Astra Travel
  4. Completion with Mother
  5. True Love and Fulfilling Relationships
  6. Art of Negotiation [Oneness in relationships]
  7. Love is a Power+Anahata Chakra Meditation
  8. Living Advaita
  9. Vedic marriage session

Course Highlights

The Most Anti-Sex Practice!

2oth June

  1. Savikalpa Samādhi
  2. Awaken Ultimate Gender - Ardhanareeshwara - Through Tantra
  3. Gender Identity
  4. Sex, Gender and Muladhara Chakra
  5. 56 Akshara Matrika Dīkṣā
  6. Science of Gotra
  7. 11 Genders
  8. Gender Equality – Past, Present & Future
  9. Vedic Feminism

Paramashiva’s love

21st June

  1. Sahaja Samādhi – Perpetual Completion
  2. Experience Nithyatva – Eternity
  3. Past Life Regression
  4. Conflicting Desires, Chakras Introduction
  5. Paramashanta Svarupa – Non Violence
  6. Mahar Loka – Largest Loka of the Universe With Access to All
  7. Knowledge of the Cosmos
  8. Concept of Time Is An Illusion
  9. Kaala Tattva – Beyond The Three Units of Time
  10. Collapsing Time Through Consciousness

Going Beyond Death - Science of Immortality

22nd June

  1. Bhagavān Kālabhairava - Principle of Kaala of the Vertical Time Zones
  2. Death + Unconscious = Fear Stroke, Nervous Breakdown
  3. Swadhistana Chakra – Fearless Living
  4. Overcome Fear of Death + Death Meditation
  5. Vishesha Dīkṣā – Initiation into Science of Power Manifestation
  6. Death – From Cosmic Archives
  7. Akashic Records – Key To Your Future
  8. Science of Jeeva Samādhi
  9. Dheerah: Courage, Moving the Self-Doubt, Self-Hatred, Self-Denial Out & having The Vision For Your Future

Feeling Connection with Guru - Ultimate Cosmic Gift

23rd June

  1. Jana Loka
  2. Bhagavān Dakshinamurthy
  3. Guru - Ananda Spurana of Paramaśiva - Shukra, Brahaspati
  4. Śakti - God Particle – Unit of Paramaśiva
  5. Nithyanandoham – Science of Awakening The God Particle Through Silence
  6. Guru Disciple Relationship
  7. Guru Tattva – The Principle That Makes You Realize You Are God
  8. Sarvajnatva – All knowing
  9. Om – The Cosmic Sound

Science of Divya Sarira - Navakhanda yoga Samādhi

24th June

  1.  Ferociousness is definitive guide to super conscious breakthrough
  2. Nirvikalpa Samādhi
  3. Science of Unclutching
  4. Navakhanda Yoga Samādhi - Subtle Science of Space Travel
  5. Logy of Intra Organs – Chakras
  6. Shivoham Process
  7. Extraordinary Discoveries of the Siddha Tradition
  8. Science of Divya Sarira – Secrets for Astra Travel
  9. Integrity – honoring every word you utter to you and others
  10. Māya Tattva - Nature of Perception

Karma - the math of Macrocosm!

25th June

  1. Swarga Loka
  2. Law of Karma
  3. Guruvak – Medicine For Greatest Wound
  4. Digestion, Karma, Kayakalpa, Immortality
  5. Power of Living – Enriching
  6. Decide to Break Your Karma Pattern
  7. Power of Sat Bhasha, Using Right Great Words, Talk to yourself – get enriched
  8. Sanyas
  9. Realize the Source Code Software – Karma, Karma And Dharma

Live Enlightenment by performing Comic Dance

26th June

  1. Tapo Loka
  2. Nataraja
  3. Two Parts of DNA
  4. Living enlightenment part 1
  5. Living enlightenment part 2
  6. Use Mahavakya To Connect Chit and Jada For Ultimate Super conscious Mutation
  7. Pancha Bhootas
  8. Akasha Tattva part 1
  9. Akasha Tattva part 2

Course Highlights

Easiest path to Enlightenment

27th June

  1. Satya Loka
  2. Happening of Ganga
  3. Retain Self Driving Inspiration as Your Hridaya Guhya Thahara Vidya
  4. Experience Svarupa Ananda - Sahasrara Chakra Explodes in Super consciousness
  5. Life is Super Determinism Neither Free Will Nor Pre-Destined
  6. Will Persistence and Will Arrogance
  7. Brahmavid Brahmaiva Bhavati
  8. Physics of Guru Disciple Relationship
  9. Tapas

Beyond Pain and Suffering

28th June

  1. Sripuram
  2. Soft Suffering is A Boon
  3. You are beyond suffering
  4. Secret of Maya and Suffering
  5. Paramashivanandam
  6. Liberate yourself from obsessive, compulsive reactionary pattern
  7. Do Not Do Unto Others That Which Would Cause You Pain If Done To You
  8. Pain Drains Your Brain
  9. Drop quantity, quality centric life and become consciously sovereign

Secrets to master Power Manifestation

29th June

  1. Leadership Consciousness
  3. I and Mine
  4. Third Eye
  5. Workings of the mind
  6. Workings of the body
  7. Why me vs Wow me
  8. Celebrate Surrender – Worm Becoming Butterfly
  9. Power Manifestation - The Royal Way to Integrity & Oneness
  10. Circuitry for Power Manifestation

Devotion opens your Kundalini to Cosmic Kundalini.

30th June

  1. Being in Samādhi Space
  2. You cannot be violated / Don’t Terrorize yourself
  3. Power, Greed, and Freedom
  4. Right Attitude of Prayer – Sohamasmi
  5. Parama Advaita
  6. Maya Matrix [Break Free From Delusion]
  7. Agitational Gratification or Delayed Gratification
  8. Bhakti the ultimate Ecstasy
  9. Paramadvaita Through Shat Darshana

Super Determinism

01st July

  1. Understand 36 Tattvas to Experience Power of Samādhi
  2. Sattva Tattva – Reality Dimension of the Universe
  3. Atma Tattva: Unit of Self
  4. Vidya Tattvā –Essence of the Purpose of The Whole Universe
  5. Rasa Siddha From Siddha Science of Acupuncture To Awaken Kundalini Shakti
  6. Sadāśiva Tattva – How to Make Sadāśiva as Part of You?
  7. Thathata- Is Ness - Ultimate Revelation From Space of Paramaśiva
  8. You Are Alive is The Only Reality
    Shiva Tattva

You are born to conquer Life! Liberate yourself from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

02nd July

  1. Enter Samādhi With Ishwaratva
  2. Subramanya - Lord of Victory
  3. Manifest Bhagavān Subramanya Invincibility – Ajayatva
  4. Simple Integrity, Simple Attachment, Simple Obedience
  5. Conquering Life!
  6. Kundalini: Awaken The Inner Potential Energy
  7. Work for Excellence not success
  8. Surrender
  9. Multidimensional Activity

Radiate MahaParamashivoham in your life!

03rd July

  2. Ananta Kalyana Gunas of Paramaśiva + collective integrity
  3. Guru Purnima
  4. Creating the Right Ecosystem
  5. Guru Bhakti + Karna Dhyana Nyaya
  6. Sangha Sankalpa Process
  7. Glimpses of MahaParamashivoham
  8. Why KAILĀSA
  9. How Master Will Behave