The Science of Kayakalpaˢᵐ – Pacchai Pattini Vrathamˢᵐ

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with the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism
Jagatguru Mahasannidhanam
His Divine Holiness
Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam

7th march 2021 – 11th April 2021

Pacchai Pattini Vratham Guidelines


Recommended daily vratham procedure

Pray to Mahamariamman:
Om Hreem Shreem Indraksheem Shreem Pem Swaha 

Partake food only after it is offered as Naivedyam to Devi Parashakti (as it is then considered a consecrated food, which has the immense benefits of spiritual healing when consumed.
It is suggested that all consumable items be taken as per the Naivedyam timings.  However, please do this as per your feasibility and upon consulting your doctor.


Items for Naivedyam

1.  Tullu Mavu (ground rice flour with jaggery powder) 

2.  Soaked Moong Dal (pasi paruppu with tender cucumber)

3.  Panakam (Lemon Juice with Jaggery Water)

4.  Neer Moru (Liquid Buttermilk)

5.  Sugarcane pieces

6.  Coconut water (any coconut water)

7.  Fruits in meagre quantity (once daily)

Devotees who are on any fast can drink water


Daily lifestyle practices

= Have a bath (including hair wash) twice a day, morning and evening.
– Avoid shaving any part of your body or cut nails during this time.
– Continuous Ajapa Japa, Mahavakya Chanting:  Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham
– Sleep on the floor.  Use your pure woolen blanket (non-violent) as mattress and to cover yourself
– Observe brahmacharya

Naivedyam Timings

6 am : Tullu Mavu made with Kalkandu Powder

8am : Sugarcane pieces and Coconut water

12pm :
–  Tullu Mavu made with jaggery powder
– Panakam (lemon juice with jaggery and cardamom only,  no dry ginger)
– Liquid Buttermilk / Neer Moru (Churned curd mixed with water, no salt)
– Soaked Moong Dal (Pasiparuppu / split green gram with no husk
– with lemon juice and tender cucumber, no added mustard tempering or salt)

5pm : Tullu Mavu with jaggery powder & fruits**

8pm : Tullu Mavu made with Jaggery powder

9pm : Tullu Mavu made with Kalkandu powder.

** Note on Fruits

For naivedyam, preferably banana is to be offered. Kamika Agama  says banana is the best among fruits. This offering is done to  Devi at 5pm daily.
Those fasting can partake locally available fresh fruits in  meagre quantity at that time.

1.  Tullu Mavu

  • Ingredients:
    Jaggery powder – ½ measure (or Kalkandu powder) 
    Wet Rice Flour- 1 measure (see how to make below) 
    Cardamom – pinch, Cow ghee – very little 
  • Method (Wet rice flour method):
  • Soak raw rice in water for 30 – 45 minutes. 
  • Strain the water completely. Use a dry cotton cloth to completely drain  the excess water. Grind it fine.
  • Please do not sieve after grinding.
  • Take one measure of wet rice flour, ½ measure of jaggery powder, add  cardamom, add very little cow ghee. Tullu mavu is ready.
    This is a one-time process that will take less than 5 minutes.

2. Pasi Paruppu (Soaked Moong Dal)

  • Ingredients:
    Yellow moong dal – 50 gms
    Water – just enough to cover the moong dal while soaking (2 inch  above rice level)
    Grated / fine chopped tender cucumber
  • Method:
    Soak yellow split green gram dal  (moong dal) in water for at least 0.5 hour. The way to test is  when you take the moong dal it should be soft to consume. Strain  the water.
    Add tender cucumber and lemon juice to the softened  moong daal

3. Panakam (Lemon juice with jaggery)

  • Ingredients:
    Jaggery – 150 gms
    Water – 600 ml (three glasses)
    Juice of three lemons (medium size)
    Add little cardamom (optional)
  • Method:
    Soak jaggery in the water (use drinking water please) till it melts  completely. Filter the water to remove any particles. Add the lemon juice.
    Although it is refreshing at room temperature, it tastes even better when  chilled.

4. Neer Moru (Liquid Buttermilk)

    • Ingredients:
      Cow milk curd – 1 cup
      Water – 5 cups
    • Method:
      Beat curd with water, making it a thin liquid. Neer moru is ready.Note: Milk means a product from mammal. Only milk accepted for this  vratham is non-violent cow milk which is used in the naivedyam to make  buttermilk. If anybody is vegan and cannot have cow milk, and/or if cow  milk in your place is obtained in a violent way, please avoid buttermilk. You can have other items from the list instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I eat solid food?
    Yes. Sugarcane, pasiparuppu and tullu mavu – all of these are to be consumed as solid only.
  2.  Moong dal means – boiled or totally juiced?
    Soaked, uncooked. Please follow recipe of Pasi Paruppu.
  3.  Are we able to have tea and coffee?
    Sorry, please avoid coffee and tea.
  4.   What to do if some things of the list are not available?
    We understand.  In some countries coconut is not an option. We advise you please partake whatever is available from the list.
  5.  What is woolen? Can I use any alternative material?
    Woolen means made of wool. If wool in your country is obtained through violent treatment of animals, then you  can use multiple bedsheets of any material to sleep on and as blanket, but every morning, you  have to wash it thoroughly before reuse.
  6.  Can Nirahara Samyama be combined with Vratham?
    Yes, during this time please respect the protocol of each.
  7.  When and how often we chant the om hreem shreem indraksheem shreem…mantra?
    During your morning prayers 11 times, praying to Mahamariamman.
  8.  Tender coconut in solid form or juice?   Coconut water only,  any coconut water is fine.
  9.  Can use jaggery only instead of sugar cane or by sugar cane Swamiji means real solid sugar cane that we eat physically?
    Yes real solid sugar cane
  10.   Do I have to cook the soaked moong dal or consume raw?
    Please consume soaked. Please follow pasi paruppu recipe.
  11.  Need to know if I can do it while breastfeeding?
    Anyone with high blood pressure, conditions of the heart, breastfeeding or any other medical conditions, please consult your physician before you begin any dietary regimen.
  12.  Is it to last for 28 days?
    From Mar 7th – April 3rd 2021. End after 7am IST Nithyananda Satsang
  13.  If I’m not able to sleep on the floor, can I sleep on the woolen blanket?
    You can put pure woolen blanket on floor and sleep on it and cover yourself with  pure woolen blanket.
  14. My woolen blanket is wrapped in cotton fabric. Is that ok?
    Yes but please wash the cotton fabric daily.
  15.  Is it the dry yellow ones or the green moong beans?
    Split yellow moong, without the green husk.
  16.  “Eat only what is offered as Naivedyam to Devi Parashakti.” For the soaked moong dal,  the cucumber and the sugar cane, can we eat these naivedyams or do we have to juice it  into liquid and have it?
    Eat the naivedyams; consume just as Devi does.

Further Clarifications

  • Milk means a product from a mammal. The only milk accepted for this vratham is nonviolent cow milk which is  used in the naivedyam to make buttermilk. If anybody is vegan and cannot have cow milk, and/or if cow  milk in your place is obtained in a violent way, please avoid buttermilk. You can have other items from the  list instead. 
  • Soaked moong dal – the solid part is to be consumed, not the strained water. This Vratham is not about Nirahara. It is a set of uncooked diet offered as naivedyam to Devi Mariamman of Samayapuram. 
  • Sleeping on floor:  You can lay a pure woollen blanket on floor and sleep on it, also cover yourself with a pure woollen blanket; no pillow. If wool in your country is obtained through violent treatment of animals, then  you can use multiple bedsheets of any material to sleep on and as a blanket, but every morning, you have to  wash the sheets and blankets thoroughly before reuse. 
  • Those who are following Nirahara Samyama and also want to do the Vratham can intake the  liquids which are a part of the Vratham – neer moru (liquid buttermilk), panakam (lemon juice with jaggery water) and  tender coconut water. Please avoid having the mentioned solid items in liquid form. On the break days  during Nirahara Samyama, you can have other solid items as well that are mentioned in the Vratham.  During the time of the Vratham (28-days), please avoid neem juice, turmeric water, haritaki and castor oil as well.  The naivedyam items mentioned here have their own benefits, including helping with detoxification – especially when these are  offered to Devi herself. Hence, anything outside of these Naivedyam offerings are not required during the time of the Vratham.



Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism
Jagatguru Mahasannidhanam
His Divine Holiness
Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam

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