Kailaasa’s Nayanadīkṣā

When you see the divine, you ask what you think is best for

you; when the divine sees you, the whole Cosmos

gives you what it knows best for you.

What is  Nayanadīkṣā?

Nayanadīkṣā means, “initiation by sight”. In Sanskrit, ‘Nayana’ means eyes or vision, and ‘dīkṣā’ means initiation, the transmission of

energy of truth from an Enlightened Master. When the Divine sees you, all the blessings are showered upon you. When a Divine

Incarnation lands on Planet Earth with a mission to bring enlightenment to humanity, He uses all possible means to connect

to the whole world, in a way the world will understand. In this cyber age, The SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam makes use

of the latest technology of Internet videoconferencing to connect in real time with thousands of people around

the globe to share the sacred secrets & experience of enlightenment.


In this The SPH transmits the vibrational power of the mantra to you. The vibrations of the mantra straightaway penetrate your being and start working on you, even if you don’t understand their meaning.


Nayanadīkṣā means, “initiation by sight”. In this the transmission of energy and truth happens just by a glance of The SPH. For highly receptive disciple, even a side-glance from the Master’s eyes is an initiation. Such a glance is revered in Vedic tradition as ‘Guru kaṭākṣam’.


Sparśadīkṣā – initiation through touch. This kind of initiation involves the Guru placing his hand upon the disciple’s head, heart chakra, or third eye and forcing the energy to move inwards and upwards.

 The direct, ultimate authority on the Truth as it is, for it is directly from Paramashiva, the Adiguru, the Source of all that is.

तस्मादनुक्रमाच्छक्तिः पतिता बोधयत्यणून्।
शिवदीक्षादिनोद्भूतं अमलं सर्वतोमुखम्॥
शिवत्वोन्मीलितं ज्ञानं शिवशक्त्यात्मकं भवेत्।
श्रेयः प्रकाशकं शैवे न तु बुद्धिः प्रकाशिका॥

tasmādanukramācchaktiḥ patitā bodhayatyaṇūn।
śivadīkṣādinodbhūtaṃ amalaṃ sarvatomukham॥
śivatvonmīlitaṃ jñānaṃ śivaśaktyātmakaṃ bhavet।
śreyaḥ prakāśakaṃ śaive na tu buddhiḥ prakāśikā॥

During the process of innumerable births and deaths, the mala, māyā, karma etc. — the bonds are accumulated. Dīksā is the only powerful means for the aspirator (of liberation) to depend on. Without the grace of Lord Siva, the soul cannot get released from the bonds and His blessings can never be obtained without the procedure of dīksā. This is the injunction of the vedās as well as the will of the Lord Śiva.

Caṃdrajñānā Āgama 1.45-46

Experiences & results of Āptas or Authorities of Hinduism, the Vedic Rishis and scientists who time tested & verified the science.

दिव्यं ज्ञानं हि या दद्यात्कुर्यात्पापक्षयं तु या।
सैव दीक्षेति संप्रोक्ता वेदतंत्रविशारदः ॥५॥
अवश्यं सा तु कर्तव्या यतो बहुफला मता ।

divyaṃ jñānaṃ hi yā dadyātkuryātpāpakṣayaṃ tu yā।
saiva dīkṣeti saṃproktā vedataṃtraviśāradaḥ ॥5॥
avaśyaṃ sā tu kartavyā yato bahuphalā matā ।

That method of instruction, and religious act and ceremony is called the Dīkṣā (initiation) by which the Divine Knowledge is imparted; and at once flashes in the heart and mind of the initiated that Knowledge and all his sins are then destroyed. So the Pundits of the Vedas and the Tantras, say. This Dīkṣā ought to be taken by all means. This gives excellent merits and pure results.

The Devi Bhagavata Purana, Book 12, Chapter 7, Verse 5-6

An account of The SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam, the ultimate poorna Avatar personal experience of power manifestation.

An incident happened with Ragupathi Yogi: after making me master the science of levitation, he used to take me everywhere to do small small power demonstrations! mostly he will start with levitation. He will put some four beds and make me sit on that and he will ask me to inhale and lock the samana into the system and once he knows I am floating there, he will pull the bed and I will be floating for half an hour! and when he wants me to settle down, I will slowly release the samana and the body will settle down.

Sometimes, government school boys will come to the temple and he will do a demo to inspire the boys to do yoga! In a meeting, a few boys got jealous. They asked Ragupathi yogi, why is he making me do these demos? He said he is an initiated person. They asked “what is the importance of initiation, we are all the same. Why are you not giving to us, and only to him.” Unfortunately that time itself the atheism movement started amongst the youngsters.

Life is not equal, everyone is unique, so life is also unique for us. This boy started questioning. Ragupathi yogi called 20 boys and made them stand and gave them one rupee coin each. He gave me also a coin. There used to be the ‘head and tail‘ game. He asked all of us to play the game. All the heads are to sit. In 21, 10 sat. Only 11 were there. He made all 11 do that, and it became lesser. He made the remaining team do, it became less. Finally it became only two – me and another boy. and again finally I was alone left! He said, “if once this boy won, it is probability, but twice, thrice he won, it is possibility. but all the time if he has to win, it is because of initiation!

Presidential Address by The SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam, October 17, 2019

The evidence of the experiences and sharings of the people who directly experience the Pramaṇas as applied reality in their lives.

I first did my Inner Awakening® in December 2010 and a month after that, had my first experience of extraordinary Shakti/power where the sacred ash (bhasma) materialized in my hands as a result of initiation by The SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam. This process has been scientifically studied over time and documented under MRI scan where a solid object appeared in my oral cavity. Since then I have done countless Inner Awakening®s and I can say with complete confidence that it is just being around Swamiji that transformed me from an ordinary human being to a receptacle that manifests powers/Shaktis from being in tune with Sadashiva.
The powers which manifest in this body are – Nithya Spiritual Healing, Blindfolded reading through the Third Eye, remote vision (house scanning), body scanning, Vaak Siddhi, Materialisation, being able to answer anything from JnanaAnjana (sacred knowledge eyeliner) applied on my eyes, the third eye and either a Banyan leaf, Mirror or Granite slab. I have also been initiated into Akashic readings (accessing any information from cosmic archives).

~ Mahayogini Ma Nithya Mahayogananda, Sri Mahanth of Nithyananda Yogic Sciences

Why to Join Nayanadīkṣā?


Dīkṣā results in the spontaneous awakening of the Kundalini, our own highest inner potential energy. Research in neuroscience has proved that deeksha floods the body and brain with Kundalini energy.


Dīkṣā has the power to open up your real desires and empower them to become reality.  if your blueprint is seeking for God or for Guru you will have that, if your blueprint is searching for extraordinary powers you will have that.


When The SPH initiate you, He loosen and activate your bio-memory, preparing it for learning new things. So when you see somebody else expressing an extraordinary power like levitation, your bio-memory learns that such a possibility exists. Within a few days, your bio-memory picks up that particular power – even if you have not received that particular initiation from me!

Who Can Join Nayanadīkṣā?


All Sarvajñapīṭha Yajamāna & Kartā

All the parents of present Gurukul Kids
All committed Apat Sannyasi, running any one kailaasa Ecosystem

All the registered participants of Paramashivoham Level 3 & previous Webinars

All the Sarvajñapīṭha, major temples & Aadheenam
Or If you are recommended by responsible leads of major temples & Adheenam