Paramashivoham Level 1 is a beginner’s course that helps you connect with your highest potential through meditation, yoga, and pranayama practices. It’s a transformative journey that detoxifies your body and mind, and supports you in achieving a sense of inner peace, clarity, and purpose.

Date: 01st December to 21st December, 2023

Time: 5:30 PM – 9:30 AM IST | 7 AM ET – 11 PM ET

Paramashivoham Level 1 is a transformational program that offers a wealth of benefits for anyone seeking to detoxify their body and consciousness, discover their highest possibilities, and live a more fulfilling life. Here are just a few of the benefits of the program:

Transformational Experience

Paramashivoham Level 1 offers a profound experience of self-transformation, enabling you to connect with your innermost being and discover your true potential.

Complete Health and Wellness

The program provides tools for continuous rejuvenation and complete health and wellness, helping you to achieve a balanced and harmonious life.

Abundance and Success

The program equips you with the tools and strategies you need to achieve success and abundance in all areas of your life, including your career, finances, and relationships.

Creativity and Uniqueness

The program encourages you to unleash your creativity and uniqueness, helping you to develop your natural talents and express yourself fully.

Spiritual Growth

The program helps you to connect with the divinity within yourself, enabling you to experience greater spiritual growth and a deeper connection with the world around you.

Program Schedule


Day/Date Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4 Session 5 Session 6 Session 7 Session 8 Session 9 Session 10
Day 01
01st Dec 2023
Science of Power Manifestation Avatar Shastra – Grand Descent of The Super Consciousness United States of KAILASA Listening Introduction to Paramashivoham Science of Initiation, Mirror Neurons Guru
Guru Parampara
Yoga Shiva deeksha
Day 02
02nd Dec 2023
Genesis of Identity Gap in Four Images What is incompletion Taste the Joy of Completion Genesis of Identity Creating an authentic identit Introduction to tattvas Integrity
Day 03
03rd Dec 2023
Your Four Powers Kundalini Shakti Authenticity Conquering Desires Unlock Power of Thinking Power Based, Greed Based Thought currents I and Mine What is Karma Busting Common Myths on Karma Techniques to get rid of Karma
Day 04
04th Dec 2023
Responsibility Active Ego Vs Passive Ego Duty vs Responsibility Are you a boss or a leader DNA of a leader You are creator Conquering Life Paradox of freedom Responsibility Awakens Leadership Intense Activism
Day 05
05th Dec 2023
Enriching Joy of Enriching Power of Living Causing others reality Sanyas Universe is a Reflection of Minds Sthavaram Jangaman Vyaptam Enriching Makes you an incarnation Relationships complement each other Be the un-same to same to friend as to stranger in honor and dishonor
Day 06
06th Dec 2023
Kalpataru Science – Manifest Your Reality Conscious Manifestation – Kalpataru You are a Possibility Amrutasya Putraha: All impossibilities you percieve are dead Mature conversation with self Facing the fear of conflict and fear of impossibilities is one and the same Unclutch from the mind maze. Context: Thoughts are bubles
Day 07
07th Dec 2023
Introduction to Unclutching Unclutching initiation (Arunagiri Yogishwara) Ashtakvakra Gita Part 1 Upto 37 Ashtakvakra Gita Part 2 Ashtakvakra Gita Part 3 Unclutching -What all can you unclutch from? 108 Definitions of Unclutching Unclutch from Depression
Day 08
08th Dec 2023
Say NO to Suffering Deeper insights into suffering How to overcome suffering Complete with victim hood Science of making peace with self Individual craves for suffering
Day 09
09th Dec 2023
Pain and Types of Pain Soft Suffering Comes As A Boon You Are Beyond Suffering You can never be violated Science of Unclutching Churning of the Milky Ocean pain drains brain Do not cause pain
Day 10
10th Dec 2023
7 chakras: Summary & Introduction, 40 min Nithya Dhyaan, Heart Center(Anahata Chakra) Root Center(Mooladhara Chakra) Speen Center(Swadhistana Chakra) Navel Center – Manipuraka Throat Center – Vishuddhi Brow Center – Third Eye Crown Center – Sahasrara Chakra
Day 11
11th Dec 2023
7 chakras: Summary & Introduction, 40 min Nithya Dhyaan, Heart Center(Anahata Chakra) Root Center(Mooladhara Chakra) Spleen Center(Swadhistana Chakra) Navel Center – Manipuraka Throat Center – Vishuddhi Brow Center – Third Eye Crown Center – Sahasrara Chakra
Day 12
12th Dec 2023
Samskara Dahana Kriya Reclaim life through completion Completion with Past Past Life Regression Completion with Root Pattern Completion with SDK Perpetual completion
Day 13
13th Dec 2023
Relationships – Patterns or Possibilities Completion With Others Completion With Mother Changing attitude and radiating love Secrets to break free from lust Conscious birthing Vedic Marriage Living Advaita Muladhara Chakra
Day 14
14th Dec 2023
7 Energy Bodies Four States of Consciousness Working on physical body working on mental body (SDK process) Working on pranic body Etheric Body Causal Body Cosmic Body Nirvanic Body
Day 15
15th Dec 2023
Atma spurana-Flowering of our Self – 5 Koshas Annamaya kosha (‘Food body’) Pranamaya kosha (‘Breath body’) Manomaya kosha (‘Mental body’) Vignanamaya kosha (‘Intelligence body’) Anandamaya kosha (‘Bliss body’) Dhyana Spurana
Day 16
16th Dec 2023
Health and wellness 3 Doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kalpha) Centering the Annamaya Kosha Working on Pain Sense Organs and Tools of Life and Who Controls your Life Effect of Adverse Thoughts You Become What You Believe
Day 17
17th Dec 2023
Health and wellness Science of transforming organs non-invasively Cancer is a Psychosomatic Disease Nirahara Samyama en Kriyas / Meditation effects miraculous cures Intro to aushadas Nithya Spiritual Healing Pain is related to internal organs
Day 18
18th Dec 2023
Guru’s Grace is Ultimate Wealth Wealth as per Hinduism Completing restricting Wealth Patterns Completion with Comparison and Jealousy Awakening Wealth Consciousness Techniques for Wealth Manifestation Wealth completion Wealth Q & A Complete with patterns in muscle and bio memory
Day 19
19th Dec 2023
Fearless Living-Swadhishthana Chakra What is Death? Overcome Fear of Death (Death Process) 6 death experiences of the avatar Q&A Death Akashik readings on death Vishesha deeksha
Day 20
20th Dec 2023
Sahasrara Chakra Patanjali Yoga Sutras Part #1 Patanjali Yoga Sutras Part #2 Bhakti-The Ultimate Ecstasy Siddhis vs Shaktis Wow Me! Retain Self Drive Wow Me! Retain Self Drive
Day 21
21st Dec 2023
Living Enlightenment Radiating Enlightenment Developing Liberated Thinking is Jeevan Mukti Science of Laughter Science of Feeling Connection Seen, Seer, See


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Nithya Dhyan Yoga – Introduction

Unleash your potential Creativity and Uniqueness

“Each of us is a unique and irreplaceable part of the grand orchestra of the Universe.”

We rarely feel comfortable expressing our true individuality. In everyday life, we are expected to play many different roles (i.e., mother, student, lawyer, friend, etc.). We are often unaware of our own inherent uniqueness. The methods taught in this program create a space for each individual to discover their unexpressed talents, creativity, and potential.

Mental Clarity

The experiential nature of this program is what makes it so exceptional. The techniques presented in Inner Awakening will help you shift you from intellect to intelligence by learning the art of being at ease with your surroundings, and how to maintain a clear inner space for mental clarity, concentration, and memory retention.

Why 21 Days ?

Making and Monitoring Your Progressz

For any idea to become an experience for you, it takes at least 21 days. With any truth, the first seven days will be the understanding period. The second seven days will be the practicing period. The third seven days will be the experience – the miracle period!

Each truth you will be contacting in this program can trigger powerful processes in you – emotional, mental, sometimes even physiological. We need to give time for these processes to settle in you! It takes time for the complete transformation to happen. For any idea to become an experience for you, it takes at least 21 days.

First 7 Days - the Understanding Period

With any new idea, the first 7 days will usually be the understanding period, when your old way of thinking continuously rises up to resist the new understanding.

For example, suppose you are introduced to a truth, ‘If I am non-violent towards everybody, the whole world will be non-violent towards me.’ The first 7 days, your typical response will be, ‘No, no, even if I try to behave that way, how can I really forgive everybody? And if I do that, won’t everybody start exploiting me?’ All kinds of doubts! During this period, you will not be able to really carry that non-violence in you. You need more technical knowledge, greater clarity about these great truths.

Second 7 Days - the Practicing Period

The second 7 days will be the practicing period. You become ready to give the new understanding a chance. You tell yourself, ‘Alright, if I carry hatred inside, I am the one who is going to suffer. So let me forgive them.’ You honestly start the practice, living it inside and outside. At this point, various techniques can help you focus and integrate your practice.

Third 7 Days - the Miracle Period

The third 7 days will be the real experience – the miracle period! Here you will really see the miraculous results of your practice. For example, suppose you are facing a really serious problem with somebody – but you decide to meet him with this same deep non-violent mood. Your very presence, the very strength of your non-violence, suddenly turns that person around and everything goes well. Suddenly, he becomes relaxed and respectful towards you!

Scientific Explanation

Many studies in the field of neuroscience have shown that our brains are much like computers, and can be programmed through the repetition of certain actions or thought patterns. These behaviors create neural pathways in the brain, which are responsible for determining the way in which we conduct our lives. Over time, these pathways become so embedded in the brain, that we often do not realize why we do what we do. From the way we interact with others to the manner in which we carry out our daily activities, everything has become an unconscious routine.

Dr. Maxwell Maltz, motivational speaker and author of Psycho-Cybernetics, discovered that the time needed for brain circuits to convert engrams (memories traces) into neural pathways -takes 21 days. Research has also shown that we can actively reprogram our brains in order to create new neural networks. Restructuring the neural pathways in the brain that align with healthier and more productive lifestyle choices, is the most transformative aspect of Inner Awakening. Each dimension in this program can activate powerful processes in you on the emotional, mental, and physiological level.

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