Paramashivoham Level 1 is a beginner’s course that helps you connect with your highest potential through meditation, yoga, and pranayama practices. It’s a transformative journey that detoxifies your body and mind, and supports you in achieving a sense of inner peace, clarity, and purpose.

Date: 07th April to 27th April, 2023

Time: 7 PM IST | 2:30 PM CET | 8:30 AM EST | 13:30 PM GMT

Paramashivoham Level 1 is a transformational program that offers a wealth of benefits for anyone seeking to detoxify their body and consciousness, discover their highest possibilities, and live a more fulfilling life. Here are just a few of the benefits of the program:

Transformational Experience

Paramashivoham Level 1 offers a profound experience of self-transformation, enabling you to connect with your innermost being and discover your true potential.

Complete Health and Wellness

The program provides tools for continuous rejuvenation and complete health and wellness, helping you to achieve a balanced and harmonious life.

Abundance and Success

The program equips you with the tools and strategies you need to achieve success and abundance in all areas of your life, including your career, finances, and relationships.

Creativity and Uniqueness

The program encourages you to unleash your creativity and uniqueness, helping you to develop your natural talents and express yourself fully.

Spiritual Growth

The program helps you to connect with the divinity within yourself, enabling you to experience greater spiritual growth and a deeper connection with the world around you.

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Nithya Dhyan Yoga – Introduction

Purify the 5 layers of your existence: remove fear patterns from the physical body

Program Schedule

Day/Date Day 01 – Apr 07 Day 02 – Apr 08 Day 03 – Apr 09 Day 04 – Apr 10 Day 05 – Apr 11 Day 06 – Apr 12 Day 07 – Apr 13
Program Life Bliss Meditation Ananda Spurna Program Day 1 Ananda Spurna Program Day 2 Nithyananda Spurna program Day 01 Nithyananda Spurna program Day 02 Nithyananda Spurna program Day 03 The Four tattva
Session Introduction to Avatar, Nithya Dhyan Life Bliss Program Level 1 Life Bliss Program Level 1 Life Bliss Program Level 2 Life Bliss Program Level 2 Life Bliss Program Level 2 Harness Your Four Inner Powers
Day/Date Day 08 – Apr 14 Day 09 – Apr 15 Day 10 – Apr 16 Day 11 – Apr 17 Day 12 – Apr 18 Day 13 – Apr 19 Day 14 – Apr 20
Program Deeper Understanding of Our Emotions and Completing Them Deeper Understanding of Our Emotions and Completing Them Health and Wellness Health and Wellness Experience Bliss Level Experience Bliss Level Experience Bliss Level
Session Seven Chakras Based on the four Tattvas (Day 1) Seven Chakras Based on the four Tattvas (Day 1) Arogya Spurana Program (Day 1) Arogya Spurana Program (Day 1) Atmaspurana Program (Day 1) Atmaspurana Program (Day 2) Atmaspurana Program (Day 3); Shiva Deeksha Level 1
Day/Date Day 15 – Apr 21 Day 16 – Apr 22 Day 17 – Apr 23 Day 18 – Apr 24 Day 19 – Apr 25 Day 20 – Apr 26 Day 21 – Apr 27
Program Deep-dive into Meditation Deep-dive into Meditation Deeper Understanding of Yoga Deeper Understanding of Yoga Life Style, Powerful Initiations to Transform Life Flowering of Devotion Flowering of Devotion
Session Dhyana Spurana Program (Day 1) Dhyana Spurana Program (Day 2) Yoga Spurana Program (Day 1) Yoga Spurana Program (Day 2) Chariya Pada; Shiva Deeksha Level 2 Bhakti Spurana Program (Day 1) Bhakti Spurana Program (Day 1)


Unleash your potential Creativity and Uniqueness

“Each of us is a unique and irreplaceable part of the grand orchestra of the Universe.”

We rarely feel comfortable expressing our true individuality. In everyday life, we are expected to play many different roles (i.e., mother, student, lawyer, friend, etc.). We are often unaware of our own inherent uniqueness. The methods taught in this program create a space for each individual to discover their unexpressed talents, creativity, and potential.

Mental Clarity

The experiential nature of this program is what makes it so exceptional. The techniques presented in Inner Awakening will help you shift you from intellect to intelligence by learning the art of being at ease with your surroundings, and how to maintain a clear inner space for mental clarity, concentration, and memory retention.

Why 21 Days ?

Making and Monitoring Your Progressz

For any idea to become an experience for you, it takes at least 21 days. With any truth, the first seven days will be the understanding period. The second seven days will be the practicing period. The third seven days will be the experience – the miracle period!

Each truth you will be contacting in this program can trigger powerful processes in you – emotional, mental, sometimes even physiological. We need to give time for these processes to settle in you! It takes time for the complete transformation to happen. For any idea to become an experience for you, it takes at least 21 days.

First 7 Days - the Understanding Period

With any new idea, the first 7 days will usually be the understanding period, when your old way of thinking continuously rises up to resist the new understanding.

For example, suppose you are introduced to a truth, ‘If I am non-violent towards everybody, the whole world will be non-violent towards me.’ The first 7 days, your typical response will be, ‘No, no, even if I try to behave that way, how can I really forgive everybody? And if I do that, won’t everybody start exploiting me?’ All kinds of doubts! During this period, you will not be able to really carry that non-violence in you. You need more technical knowledge, greater clarity about these great truths.

Second 7 Days - the Practicing Period

The second 7 days will be the practicing period. You become ready to give the new understanding a chance. You tell yourself, ‘Alright, if I carry hatred inside, I am the one who is going to suffer. So let me forgive them.’ You honestly start the practice, living it inside and outside. At this point, various techniques can help you focus and integrate your practice.

Third 7 Days - the Miracle Period

The third 7 days will be the real experience – the miracle period! Here you will really see the miraculous results of your practice. For example, suppose you are facing a really serious problem with somebody – but you decide to meet him with this same deep non-violent mood. Your very presence, the very strength of your non-violence, suddenly turns that person around and everything goes well. Suddenly, he becomes relaxed and respectful towards you!

Scientific Explanation

Many studies in the field of neuroscience have shown that our brains are much like computers, and can be programmed through the repetition of certain actions or thought patterns. These behaviors create neural pathways in the brain, which are responsible for determining the way in which we conduct our lives. Over time, these pathways become so embedded in the brain, that we often do not realize why we do what we do. From the way we interact with others to the manner in which we carry out our daily activities, everything has become an unconscious routine.

Dr. Maxwell Maltz, motivational speaker and author of Psycho-Cybernetics, discovered that the time needed for brain circuits to convert engrams (memories traces) into neural pathways -takes 21 days. Research has also shown that we can actively reprogram our brains in order to create new neural networks. Restructuring the neural pathways in the brain that align with healthier and more productive lifestyle choices, is the most transformative aspect of Inner Awakening. Each dimension in this program can activate powerful processes in you on the emotional, mental, and physiological level.

Program Details

Ananda Spurana Program

Day – 1

Relax… Rejuvenate… Radiate!

Emotions and thoughts give birth to our mental set up and attitude. Understanding the play of emotions and thoughts is the first and final step towards moving beyond it.

Nithya Dhyaan cleanses and energizes the vital energy centers in your body which are responsible for the swaying emotions and stored negative memories.

Life Bliss Program Level 1 (Ananda Spurana)

Day – 2 & 3

Designed by SPH, LBP introduces us to the 7 vital Energy centers in our body called the chakras, whose functioning has a direct bearing upon our physical and mental well being. This program brings a radical understanding of our emotions such as sex, fear, worry, attention-need, jealousy, ego and discontentment.

It helps us break from the cycle of negative emotions that affect our daily life, our relationships, and our work. It is designed to cleanse 7 major energy centers (chakras) in our bodies. It empowers our life with an understanding of the chakras that directly reduce stress, improve sleep, overcome fears and worry, improve relationships, increase clarity and joy, and create high energy levels.

He worked day and night, designing the program Himself, organizing every detail including printing of ID cards for the participants.

The happiness arises from our very being, from our Self. It is unlimited because no external agent can stop it. The ananda spurana (fountain of bliss) is eternal, nithya.

This is what we teach in our first level program, Ananda Spurana Program ASP, also called Life Bliss Program, LBP. We teach you how to re-experience the bliss that you constantly felt when you were a child; the bliss that you lost as you grew up, as you became educated.

With societal conditioning, we block the energy centers in our body mind system that connect us to Existential energy. As long as these centers are fully open and unblocked, we are in constant contact with our primary source of energy. We are at ease, we are in comfort, and we are in bliss.

When these centers get blocked through conditioning, with the growth of negativities in us, with accumulation of samskara in us, we lose that bliss, that comfort, and that ease. We become dis-eased.

These energy blocks are the root cause of all our illnesses, be they of the mind or body. Through the use of meditation techniques, we teach you how to unblock and energize these energy centers, chakras, so that we can experience that bliss again. That is why this program is called Ananda Spurana; Ananda is bliss, Spurana is to gush. The bliss we blocked out starts gushing again. We stopped the bliss flow. We teach you how to stop the stopping and let bliss flow within you again.

Life Bliss Program Level 2 (Nithyananda Spurana)

Day – 04, 05 & 06

Life bliss Program level 2 (Nithyananda Spurana) is an advanced meditation program giving life solutions as well as revealing the mystery of what happens during death. We have not just the physical body but we have seven energy bodies.

Through this program the SPH teaches us about the seven energy bodies of our being: physical, pranic, mental, etheric, causal, cosmic, and nirvanic bodies, and what happens at the time of death. These are related to our desires, pain, guilt, pleasure and the ultimate bliss.
The understanding of these layers and meditations cleanses and energizes the seven energy bodies and thus enables one to fall in tune with the real Self.

Using a combination of cognitive instructions, profound personal experiences and guided meditation techniques, the SPH takes us step-by-step through the process of inner transformation.

Introduction to Nithyananda Spurana, Physical Body, Pranic Body, Mental Body, Etheric Body, Causal Body, Cosmic Body, Nirvanic Body.

Harness Your Four Inner Powers (Four Tattvas)

Day – 07

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the meaning of Integrity: Learn how to complete with all your non-integrities.
  • Understand the meaning of Authenticity Learn how to complete with all your in-authenticities.
  • Understand the meaning of Responsibility,Learn how to take up responsibility and become a leader.
  • Understand the meaning of Enriching. Learn how to enrich and cause others reality.

Seven Chakras Based on Four Tattvas (Nithya Dhyana Yoga)

Day – 08 & 09

Deeper Understanding of our Emotions and completing them.

Nithya Dhyan Yoga gives you extraordinary access to powerfully dealing with impressions, patterns and emotions. There are seven key Chakras or Energy Centers in the human body that are responsible for the proper functioning of the body, mind, and heart. They deeply influence our physical, emotional and mental state. The presence of these energy centers in our body has now been scientifically documented by Kirlian photography. When any of the energy centers is low on energy, the system malfunctions and the body gets diseased. This changes the physical, mental, and emotional state from ease to ‘dis-ease’. This low energy can be felt much before it manifests itself in the physical body as a disease. If we keep the energy centers in a cleansed and energized condition, they can help us live a disease free, stress free, and blissful healthy life.

What are the benefits of the program?

The program leaves you with renewed energy levels, expanding each moment with a fresh and alive experience of life. – Reduce stress – Improve sleep – Overcome fears and worries – Improve Relationships – Increase Clarity and Joy – Create high Energy Levels – Manifest the powers of Sadashiva!

The seven energy centers are as follows:

Muladhara Chakra – the root center: Experience for the first time being in ‘reality’. Experience your energy levels soaring to new heights!

Swadishtana Chakra – the being center: Acquire the ability to confront fear and be in right action in the face of fears that stop you from living life fully! Experience a shift in the way you respond to challenging situations in your life.

Manipuraka Chakra – the navel center: Get rid of all your worries. Experience a worry-free space that leaves you with a unique freedom to mold your life the way you want it, not getting stopped by worries and complaints that rule your life.

Anahata Chakra – The Heart Centre: Experience pure energy of love explode within you that leaves you with deep reverence and romance with everything in your life.
Vishuddhi Chakra – The Throat Centre – Unlock the highest cosmic energy zone in you that leaves you fresh and alive for longer periods of time with the ability to effectively use your energy to do more quality work in less time.

Ajna Chakra (Third Eye) – The Brow Center – Taste the space of being God where whatever you will, WILL happen! Experience being the author of your life.
Sahasraara Chakra – The Crown Centre – Establish yourself in gratitude and contentment that leaves you in a miraculous space where you are blooming with joy and celebration like never before!

These centers become blocked by our past pains, suffering, fears, worries, and loves. The deep cleansing techniques and meditations in the program dissolve the mental patterns and restrictive emotions that block the energy flowing in our chakras, resulting in physical, mental and psychological ailments.

Health and Wellness (Arogya Spurana)

Day – 10 & 11

What is real Health?

The first thing we all need to understand is our body because all we have with us is ONLY our body, Everything including yoga, meditation, or spirituality can happen only with a healthy body.

SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam explains our wrong idea about living with the whole body. We do not use every part of our body at the same time. As we age, we focus on some parts more than the other such as focusing on the right side of the body rather than the left. We tend to lose awareness of our whole body.

● Learn to relieve the body of tension and worries.
● Feeling centered or being completely aware of our being awakens this awareness.
● Get rid of any pain in our body as we will become mindful of our whole body and pain will not be able to enter our system.
● Tapping into our deeper energy levels
● Various meditation techniques to balance our five elements.

This course has a combination of sacred truths, the Powerful Cognitions that one needs to imbibe, the Meditation and Visualization Techniques that can
accelerate the anti-aging process and the Science of Aushadha that is another gift of the SPH from Hindu Source Scriptures.

In this extraordinary course, which is a gift to humanity by SPH Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam you will get introduced to the Science of Anti-Aging as revealed by Paramashiva…

you will understand the importance of Anti-Matter and its Influence over Matter… Human beings try to control Matter… Divine Beings play with Anti-Matter as it is the Energy Source of Matter…. Influencing Anti-Matter has an immediate effect and impact on Matter.

Experience Bliss Layer (Atma Purana)

Day – 12, 13 & 14

Atma Spurana is a unique meditation program that leads you to experience your bliss layer. An enlightened being has gone beyond the mind and has entered the bliss layer. Anyone who comes in his presence gets affected in a positive way as He is established in the Self.

Shiva Deeksha Level 1

Siva Deeksha(powerful initiations) is all about shifting the way you function from powerless cognitions to powerful cognitions. Our inner space is like a software which decides how our life will be. Building the inner space on powerful cognitions, truths, understandings about you, world and life – you can become enlightened, manifest powers and all possibilities.

Deep Dive Into Meditation (Dhyana Spurana)

Day – 15 & 16

Meditation has the power to transform you physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually! You don’t have to learn meditation. You are already a meditator!. Just remember any moment in your life when you have experienced
extreme beauty.

Deeper Understandings of Yoga (Yoga Spurana)

Day – 17 & 18

Yoga is a holistic system which takes into consideration the interrelatedness of the body, mind and Being. Health is seen as a dynamic balance among these three components.

Nithyananda Yoga is a totally scientific, modern and yet most ancient system of Yoga.

How to Prepare for the Ritual of Yoga ? What Way Should Your Mat Face? What to Apply to Your Body? Where to Practice?

In this class, learn all about how to properly prepare your body & mind to experience the greatest benefits from your Yoga practice. Learn How to Properly Perform the Pranayamas, Mudras and Bandhas of All Three Nithyananda Yoga Sequences

Nithyananda Yoga is not just limited to a 90 minute session; it is potentially an entire lifestyle. This Yoga brings the practitioner into the deep awareness that any movement if practiced with a strong intention and blissful enthusiasm can be yoga.

Life Style, Powerful Initiations to Transform Life

Day – 19

Life Style ( Charyapada)- Daily lifestyle to follow , detailed explanation how to live on a daily basis.

Shiva Deeksha level 2 Initiation

Siva Deeksha is all about shifting the way you function from powerless cognitions to powerful cognitions. Our inner space is like a software which decides how our life will be. Building the inner space on powerful cognitions, truths, understandings about you, world and life – you can become enlightened, manifest powers and all possibilities.

Flowering in Devotion with Guru (Bhakti Spurana)

Day – 20 & 21

Being with the Master is like putting ice on fire. The ice will melt; it has to melt. During the melting, all sorts of reactions surface. But once the ice has melted, it will become one with the fire. It is about the great love affair between the Master and the disciple, how the Guru takes his disciples beyond their doubts and shows them their own Reality.

  • Deeper truths about Guru
  • How Guru works on you
  • Guru disciple relationship
  • Ways to relate with the Guru