What is Paramashivoham Level 2

Paramashivoham is a spiritual transformation program offered by the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism and the United States of KAILASA, which provides participants with the tools, techniques, and teachings needed to experience a spiritual awakening and discover their true self.

The program is designed to help individuals reach the state of Paramashiva, through a powerful combination of meditation, yoga, pranayama, and other spiritual practices. Throughout the program, participants learn how to awaken their Kundalini energy, develop their power-manifesting abilities, and deepen their connection to the Cosmic Divine.

KAILASA’s Paramashivoham

Lifestyle of Awakening, Experiencing, Living, Radiating Ultimate Consciousness

Paramashivoham is a program that teaches the science of power manifestation through various initiations and darshans. The major benefits include:

  1. Unlocking four powers and manifesting desires
  2. Conquering life, relationships, wealth, health, and fear of death
  3. Attaining unclutched state for enlightenment
  4. Understanding the various states of consciousness, dimensions, and the importance of the space we are in, and practicing action without attachment to live enlightenment.

Deeper Insights

Discover the transformational power of Paramashivoham with these insightful videos. Get a glimpse of the spiritual awakening, self-discovery, and deep connection to the divine that you too can experience through this life-changing program.

Message Directly From Paramashiva (Paramashivoham Level 2 – Day 1)

Powerful Q&A Session Paramashivoham L2 (27 Mar 2020)

Powerful Q&A Session Paramashivoham L2 (28 Mar 2020)

Paramashiva Directly Making Himself Available to All

Initiation to Invoke MahaGanapathi Energy to Blast Obstacles

Manifesting the Being of Paramashiva in All of Us

Program Schedule

01st December – 21st December
5:30 PM-9:30 AM (next Day) IST | 7:00 AM-11:00 PM ET

Day/Date Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4 Session 5 Session 6 Session 7 Session 8 Session 9 Session 10
Day 01
01st Dec 2023
Science of Super Conscious Breakthrough Purva Mimamsa (Vertical Time Zones) Infinity Vs Oneness Tathata Ahimsa Paramo Dharmah Realize the Purpose of Your Life / Kundalini Awakening Manifesting Powers is Lifestyle / Science of Gotra Awaken Jeevatman DNA
Day 02
02nd Dec 2023
Introduction to Upanishads Ishavasya Upanishads – Perceptions, Facts, Truth- Say Yes to Life Seeking Fall in Love With Seeking Upanishads – Key to Unlock Kena Upanishads – Seeking into the very source Kena Upanishads -Pure Questioning Intro to Brahma Sutras- Brahma Sutras- Basics
Day 03
03rd Dec 2023
Bhagavān Sri Krishna- Bhagavad Gita Sankhya Yoga SanyasaYoga Jnana vijnana Yoga Vishwarupa Darshan Bhakti Yoga Daivasura Sampad Yoga Raise yourself by yourself Yogo Nashta Pranthapaha
Day 04
04th Dec 2023
Introduction to Shiva Sutras Shiva Sutras – how to receive Breath techniques Beyond body and mind Power of sound Power of light Power of darkness Disengage from the I Your senses, your gateway to awareness Sleep your way to enlightenment
Day 05
05th Dec 2023
Leadership consciousness Freedom From Body and Mind Identity is confused reality Brahmavid Brahmavai Bhavati Train Your Brain to Reflect the Cosmos Algebraic topology Brahma sutras Experiential logic vs exponential logic
Day 06
06th Dec 2023
Shivoham Evolving your perception Cherish the Imperishable Drop Your Irrational Rational Logic / Best Way to Transcend Ego Wake up your God particle Science of Prayer Science of Surrender Science of Seeking / Nithyanandoham Thinking About Cosmic Aspects of Paramashiva Raises Consciousness Self Rememberance
Day 07
07th Dec 2023
What constitutes matter and science to alter it Dont equate your life to arithmetic logic Pancha Bhũtās: Five Elements Applied Science of the intangible – Avyakta Cosmic frequency initiation – Parashodashi Cosmic intelligence Awaken the ability to reinvent self Everything your life is made of is your expression
Day 08
08th Dec 2023
Everything Exists is Sadashiva /There is no Ego or Mind Power Manifestation – Royal Way To Integrity Declare completion with Brahman / Nothing Can Violate You Sacred Secrets of Sadashiva, Saami Onnuda, Science of Oneness Sadashiva Rahasya Transform addiction into powers How to experience oneness through ferociousness Being in oneness with Guru Bring intense powerful cognitions and power manifestation
Day 09
09th Dec 2023
Awaken the Shivatva In You Your will to persist is will power / Happening of Ganga Prana is Life Energy Space Not the Place Matters Sahaja Samadhi Secrets of The Awakened Consciousness Responsibility Makes Shava into Shiva Achieve Powerfulness With Raw Will Persistence Bhasma Aushada [Dec] panchagni
Day 10
10th Dec 2023
Super Brain to Super Powers Logy of Power Manifestation Vedic Inner Software Shakti – Life is all about energy Part 1 Shakti – Life is all about energy Part 2 Sixth sense and unlock brain potential Shaktipada Crack the code of power manifestation
Day 11
11th Dec 2023
Ishwara Tattva Solve Any Problem of Your Life With Integrity From Choices to Freedom, Swadharma Conquer Life Be Your Boss Conquer Time Life Beyond Limits Quality of a True Leader / Revelations on Sri Rama Freedom
Day 12
12th Dec 2023
Know delusion to collapse delusion Ferociousness deepens seeking Break free from decision fatigue Life is a continuous rhythm Non-duality is axis of life Power of right perception and time Live without limitations Forgetting what you voted for is delusion
Day 13
13th Dec 2023
25 States of Consciousness Mapping 25 States of Consciousness and 14 Lokas 25 states of consciousness part-1: 5 basic states – Atmatattva 25 states of consciousness part-2: Space you are in matters Intro to Mrigendra Agama: Space is one & the same Mrigendra agama : Multiverses exist Vertical time zones Atmatattva: Unit of Self
Day 14
14th Dec 2023
Erase Malefic Effects of Planets Through Super Powers Access to Multiple Dimensions of the Universe is Real Wealth Savikalpa Samadhi Working on Mind is a waste of time Tyagaraja Tyaga to experience guru tattva brahma sutras – how to connect to reality Smaranath Mukthi
Day 15
15th Dec 2023
Physics, Chemistry of Delusion Your Cognition Decides Success or Failure Conscious Intention Ferocious seeking Deep insights into delusion and how to raise self out of it are you feeling belittled? Failing is not wrong, thinking individual is failure is wrong Science of Horscopes
Day 16
16th Dec 2023
Introduction to sex, anti sex Tantra, Yoga / Why Tantra Matters Oversexed or Undersexed, Gender Mis-identification Gender Identification – The Primal Detoxification From Lust to Love Sex, Tantra, Gender, Food, Yoga Tantra Demystified Discovering Oneness in Relationships Divine Feminine Consciousness Bring Depth in Relationships
Day 17
17th Dec 2023
Infinity from lens of length breadth depth Length, Breadth, Depth, Dimensions of the Universe 11 Dimensions of the Universe Your Brain Can Access Different Dimensions Kaala – Fourth Dimension of the Universe Akasha– Fifth Dimension of the Universe Intro to 11 dimensions (length, breadth, depth, space, time) – Creation of sound Navagraha & Surya Agastya’s battery – intensity and continuity
Day 18
18th Dec 2023
Participatory Universe Atma Tattva Vidya Tattva Sattva Tattva Understand the 36 Tattvas Shiva Vidya – Mrigendra Agama Shakti Tattva Shiva Tattva Logic of Cosmos
Day 19
19th Dec 2023
Carve Your Divya Sarira. Amritattva Science of Aushada Consciousness can alter DNA Your Body Manifests What You Believe Liberate from Obsessive, Compulsive Disorders Change DNA with a decision, Building New DNA Anti-Aging Detoxification Science of Pratyahara
Day 20
20th Dec 2023
Science of Manifesting Reality Your thought currents are irrelevant (Kundalini Currents) Change the future by removing impact of the past Fulfill the Thought Currents You Cherish Within You / Integrity – Decide to Vibrate To Cosmic Thought Currents Change is eternal law of the cosmos Kundalini is the Fuel to Run Your Life / Live in Samadhi Power of Tapas
Day 21
21st Dec 2023
Guru Shishya Parampara Gone Right! Life of Avatar With His Gurus Salokya Samadhi KAILASA enlightened ecosystem SPH Beyond Science Revelations Unbroken Lineage of Gurus From Paramashiva Himself Avadhani Contribution explodes life into your consciousness


This Paramashivoham Manifest Deeper Experience of

The 25 States of Consciousness

Experience the powerfulness when you go through the 25 States Of Consciousness and how you can use them to manifest your reality.

  •  The unknown reasons why you experience physical and mental disorders
  • How to be powerful in all the 25 states of Consciousness
  • The ancient Vedic way of manifesting your reality

Fundamental sacred secrets. The Individual Consciousness, jeeva you have, the Individual Consciousness you have, goes through 25 states of Consciousness. Every day, you recognize only three – Deep Sleep, Dream and Waking state. Only these three are normally experienced everyday by many of you – Deep State, dreaming, waking state. In Sanskrit, we have 3 words – sushupti, svapna, jagrat – it’s roughly translated into Deep sleep, Dream and Waking state, But actually, Individual Soul has a possibility of 25 states of Consciousness which is explained in this course.

The Vertical Time Zones

Did you ever suspect that the reality you see and feel every day is NOT what it really seems?

Did you know that you exist simultaneously in 14 dimensions of the universe?

While the real YOU (pure Consciousness) is unchanging and exists everywhere, you experience yourself and life differently in the 14 different planes of our universe!

Catch the extreme truths of Vertical Reality and take a tour of yourself as you exist in the vertical time zones of the Universe in this breakthrough webinar straight from the Source.

Learn about
❦ Different Lokas (plane of existence) in the Universe
❦ How your infinite being is capable of perceiving and operating across all the planes of existence simultaneously.
❦ How you can relate with Gods and Goddesses across these different planes.
❦ How you can get a glimpse of super-consciousness while living a so called “ordinary” life wherever you are.

Manifesting The Extraordinary Powers!

Is it possible to live a superhuman life in the human body? Does Third Eye Awakening really exist? Can such awakened states be transmitted from Master to disciple?

YES. The ancient Veda-Agamic science of manifesting Shaktis – divine superhuman powers – is real. Paramashiva has described 463 different Yogic Shaktis in the Agamas including the ability to see with the eyes blindfolded, seeing far off distances and beyond obstacles, scanning the human body and healing it, teleportation, materialization, moving matter with our consciousness, and many more. Manifesting these extraordinary powers makes you truly established in the identity of Paramashivoham – ‘I AM Paramashiva’.

Bhava Samadhi Darshan

What Is Bhava Samadhi Darshan?

Bhava Samadhi Darshan is a window to the infinite expanse of Consciousness, allowing us to glimpse the Formless in a way that we can understand. It is the secret science of experiencing the ultimate states of consciousness through meditation on a divine form.
During the Bhava Samadhi Darshan, divine cosmic beings literally manifest through the body of HDH Nithyananda Paramashivam. Like how they manifest in Archa Avatar (Deity), they manifest in Nija Avatar (embodied form) and give you all the boons you ask, make you experience Paramashivoham.

The Archavatar (Deity) reflects the Consciousness and Manifestation (Being) of the Superconscious energy, but human beings are not mature enough to receive the higher level experiences from the Archavatar directly. The Avatar (physical embodied form) comes down to bridge the gap and create experience of the superconscious energy in all of us.

When we have the Bhava Samadhi Darshan of the Nija Avatar manifesting beings of various dimensions of Paramashiva, the auspicious components and the powerfulness of those dimensions of Paramashiva are awakened in us.

During Bhava Samadhi Darshan, your being comes alive and celebrates with the energy wave of Existence. It is the direct experience of causeless bliss. Even without much effort from our side, our very bio-memory awakens to the space of Paramashiva – the ultimate consciousness.

Science of Bhava Samadhi Darshan

During Bhava Samadhi Darshan, our neurons mirror that of the Avatar. Mirror neurons are special neurons that observe and mimic the actions of the Avatar’s neuron activity through seeing. Mirror neurons activate and process all the observed movements or information of the Avatar just by ‘seeing’ and without the physical act of imitation. That is, our entire body silently and without movement, recreates what is happening at a distance far away, experiencing the superconscious energy radiated by the Avatar. The science of Bhava Samadhi Darshan knows no distance – a phenomenon modern science is just discovering and terms as Quantum tunnelling. Our thoughts per second reduces significantly and we relax into the space beyond thoughts (thoughtlessness) becoming mentally at ease in co-existing dimensions beyond duality (WE AND THE DIVINE BECOME ONE), unconditioned by the parameters of time and space.