Maha Shivaratri 2010 Message: Radiate Shiva Consciousness!

I welcome you all with My love and respects. Shivaratri: Shivaratri, is the time when timelessness penetrates time. Timelessness descends into the time zone. Space descends into the place zone. Brahmanda descends into the pindanda. Macrocosm descends into the microcosm. It is time when the whole nature cooperates, supports, helps you to experience the higher consciousness. In many ways nature supports, creates all possibilities, makes everything available to us to experience the higher consciousness. That is the ultimate truth. Vedic Masters, Rishis, have done so much of research in this field. They were able to very clearly predict and find out the timings when nature supports you for higher consciousness; when Divine descends in the body, when Divine will descend in the deities, when you can ascend into the Divine. Our Masters were so thorough in this field, they were able to predict and help people.

Shivaratri is an important time when timelessness enters into time, when space enters into place, when brahmanda enters into pindanda. The whole nature is supporting you now to experience your higher energy, your higher self, your higher consciousness. This is the same night, almost same time, Shiva, Mahadeva, the first and foremost incarnation on planet Earth happened. He expressed Himself as a light shaft, as a light beam, He assumed a form to grace Brahma and Vishnu.

Tonight is the night when Divine revealed itself and elevated all the beings to its level.

Brahma and Vishnu had the fight, who is the greatest. Please understand. It is a beautiful story. Brahma represents intellect. Vishnu represents wealth. Intellect and wealth will always fight who is greater. So Shiva, super consciousness, appears in front and says, “Any one of you try to find My beginning or My end, then we can accept you are the greatest.” Of course, the intellect just starts flying, Brahma starts flying. And wealth starts digging, Vishnu starts digging. Neither the wealth nor the intellect can find the beginning or the end of consciousness. Neither can lead you to the ultimate. Neither can lead you to the great bliss experience. So, both of them have utterly failed. But one nice thing with wealth, it at least reveals the truth to you, at one point your efforts are useless. You are not going to achieve the ultimate bliss through wealth. The depression of success happens to you.

Vishnu comes back and says, “I am not able to find out, please forgive Me.” That’s perfectly okay with Shiva. Shiva says, “Perfectly okay, don’t worry. If you just understand, that’s enough.” But unfortunately intellect can never come down because it is too much for intellect. Intellect can never accept the truth. It cannot lead you to the truth. It cannot show you the truth. So, He comes back with a false witness, with a false witness. A flower which was falling from Shiva’s ears. He comes back with a false witness saying, “I saw Your head.” Shiva just smiles. Of course Shiva knows He has not seen and suddenly Brahma also realizes He has lied. Neither intellect nor wealth can lead you to the ultimate. Then Shiva Himself reveals Himself to the whole world. The consciousness, the super conscious energy, has to reveal itself to the world and elevate the world to its level. Elevate the beings to its level.

Tonight is the night when Divine revealed itself and elevated all the beings to its level. So, understand the first and foremost incarnation on planet Earth, or on the time zone, happened today, and exactly at midnight. From this darkness, the great light beam happened; The conscious shaft expressed. Shiva, the multi dimensional incarnation, the most colorful incarnation happened on the time zone on this Maha Shivaratri.

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