Mahashivaratri – Why Stay Awake on this Night?

Not sleeping this night is considered as a great spiritual practice. Why, not sleeping is considered as a spiritual practice? This is actually a technique to stabilize your mind. Usually your mind listens to your body’s comforts and in the recorded routine, not sleeping means you need to say ‘no’ to your mind. How many times you say ‘no’ to your mind? Try your best, always it will play its game. As long as the possibility that you may say ‘yes’ at one moment exists, mind will play its game, but if you decide very clearly, ‘i am not going to say ‘yes’ how many time mind may try, simply mind will stop even asking you to say ‘yes’.

Just do not be awake this night – use this night to be awakened yourself. Let you all be awakened!

See, mind will be alive as long as the possibility for dilemma exists. The possibility for dilemma is closed, mind won’t be alive. Today just try, tell yourself very clearly. No question of saying ‘yes’ to the mind. ‘Manasasya sthiraha mantraha’, which makes your mind sthira, strong, is mantra. Take a strong decision that you will not let your mind decide. You will not say ‘yes’ to your mind. Simply you will see, sleep will disappear. It’s wonderful technique saying clear-cut ‘no’ to your mind. There are so many things, so many reasons why our masters created this, all these traditions and techniques and methods.

Today is Amavasya, new moon day-the possibility for intense energy. Human mind goes up and down along with lunar. Understand, when the new moon day or full moon day, you see the ocean, you will see big waves. Ocean will be excited. The power of moon on the planet earth, ocean will be excited. Salt water, your body is also filled with 80% salt water. Just like the ocean getting excited, your body also will be excited. Fluid which runs in your body also will be excited. The Masters, they know the power which moon exercises over the human beings on the planet earth… That is the reason they created all these great traditions and puja and worships on the new moon day.

Whatever you do today will be strongly record inside you, whether it is positive or negative. So naturally our Masters wants us, they all tell us to keep yourself awake and not only keeping awake, use this time to be aware, to be in high Consciousness and are saying you just keep awake. You remain awake this night and tomorrow morning you will sleep and if you are aware and conscious of whatever is happening here, and this whole night if you remain aware of the present moment, not only you will be awake, you will be awakened! The possibility for awakening exists on this great day! So be in this present moment, sit with a clear awareness and experience, connect with whatever is happening here.

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