Shivaratri: A Night to Awaken Your Inner Space

This Shiva Ratri, My message is only one word: Inner Awakening. Awaken your inner space; the tremendous potential energy which is inside you – awaken that. That is what we call in tradition, Kundalini. Awakening that higher consciousness. Our inner space is filled with darkness. That is why you don’t know what is happening there. Ninety nine percent of your activities are done almost in darkness. You don’t know why you talk the way you talk. You don’t know why you like something. You don’t know why you hate something. You don’t know why you behave the way in which you are behaving. You don’t know anything. You don’t know why you look the way you look. You don’t know why you act the way you act. All the activities are happening in a deep darkness, which is dangerous not only for you, for the people who are living around you.

Tonight’s the night to Wake Up from All Your Delusions

Awakening your inner space – The ideal of Shiva… Shiva is the being whose inner space is completely awakened, who is living in light, radiating the energy. If inner awakening happens in you, you are living as Shiva. So, this Shiva Ratri, we dedicate to awaken the kundalini for inner awakening. To awaken the potential energy which is inside you. Understand few things about this kundalini, inner awakening: When the inner awakening happens, each chakra comes to life, each energy center comes to life. You can see, beautifully in Shiva’s story this inner awakening is described. A person in whom all the seven chakras are awakened, are in light, is Shiva. Who has experienced the Kundalini awakening is Shiva. Kundalini is metaphysically portrayed as a snake. That is why Shiva’s pictures are always portrayed as Him with many snakes – around the neck, the head, all over his body. Means each and every chakra is awakened. Not only the major seven chakras. In the hands and all you have minor chakras – even those chakras are awakened. That is why you will see snake in the hands of Shiva.

Inner Awakening… Shiva is a being in whom the inner awakening has happened. You can see beautifully from the stories, how metaphysically they are describing, Shiva is a being in whom inner awakening has happened. In Shiva, the muladhara is pure – awakened muladhara. That is what they say through the story of Manmatha dahana. Please understand. It is wonderful story. Manmatha dahana. The story says, Shiva was sitting and meditating. The devatas, they wanted to disturb Shiva. So, they are sending Manmatha and Manmatha throws the arrows. Shiva opens His third eye and burns Manmatha. Don’t take it literally. It has a metaphysical meaning. And another wonderful thing you should know, Shiva burnt the Manmatha, then married Parvati. Understand, it means the marriage was not based on lust, the marriage was not based on fantasy. The whole story, such a wonderful story. And Manmatha throws his arrows – means, trying to create fantasy inside Shiva. He opens his third eye – means inner awakening. He opens his third eye and by just his presence, intense presence… Opening third eye means bringing your awareness to its peak.

If you bring your awareness to its peak… Please understand, if you bring your awareness to its peak, this moment, you are opening the third eye. When the opening of the third eye happens, suddenly you will see all the fantasies are burnt. They are not there any more. So, Shiva’s muladhara is awakened muladhara. When you awaken your muladhara by intense awareness, you will become Shiva. Nothing, simple technique, very simple technique. Whenever fantasy overtakes you, I am not even saying suppress it. Just bring intense awareness. If it is more powerful than your awareness, it will move your body. Make it act. Be aware, don’t try to suppress. If it is less powerful than your awareness, it will just die down. If it is more powerful than your awareness, it may make your body move. Allow it. But just be aware intensely. You will see the experience will add more understanding to you. Even if there is experience, physical experiences, suddenly it will add more understanding, more awareness to you. Bringing awareness to the root chakra, muladhara chakra, awakens your being, Shiva’s being whose muladhara is awakened. That is what they mean by this story.

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