Welcome to the Nithyananda Yoga International Yoga Day Competition, hosted by the United States of KAILASA, by the grace of The SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam.

This competition is a first-of-its-kind opportunity for participants from around the world to perform and participate in traditional, Authentic Yoga as per the ancient enlightened Vedic and Hindu civilizations’ scriptures. The competition offers a unique chance to experience Yoga straight from the source, as it was intended to be.

Nithyananda Yoga is the revival of THE original Yoga!

Throughout Hindu history, after the revelation of Yoga by Sadashiva Himself, great Yogis and Sadhus practiced Yoga to acquire the best physique and physiology to manifest the state and powers of Sadashiva – this is Authentic Yoga.

For most Yogis around the world, the enlightened master Patanjali is the father of Yoga… He presented a system called Ashtanga Yoga, comprising 8 dimensions of Yoga, some 3,000 years ago, but little do we know that Yoga was revealed as Shashtanga Yoga over 60,000 years before Patanjali. Indeed, Sadashiva reveals Shashtanga Yoga to the world in the Kirana Agama (Yoga Pada 2.3), one of the original authentic scriptures on Yoga

About Yoga Competition

The Yoga Competition will be held in the online arena, with Participants submitting links to their videos via the sign-up form by the 19th of June, with the winners being announced on the 21st of June, on International Yoga Day.

The competition is a celebration of Authentic Yoga practice & heritage, and a platform for showcasing participants’ skills, knowledge, and dedication to the Science of Yoga.

Rules of  Yoga Competition

General Rules

  1. If participants are under the age of 18, they must be registered by their parent (over 18) or legal guardian.
  2. All Asanas performed during the Yoga Competition will be as per Competition Category Details as sourced from Nithyananda Yoga, as found in the Nithyananda Yoga e-Book.
  3. The expected attire is traditional Yoga-wear, tied in the traditional way (see video), or full covering clothing for females and full bottom half covering for males.
  4. The participants may use a Yoga mat if they so desire, however, no other Yoga Equipment or assistant devices may be used at any point.

IT Requirements

To ensure successful participation in the Nithyananda Yoga’s International Yoga Day Competition, all participants must ensure the following technical requirements are met:

1. Participants MUST use an HD camera, such as a webcam or smartphone camera, in order for their faces to be clearly visible, and to enable judges to accurately evaluate their performance. The blurry and unclear picture will NOT be accepted.
2. The camera SHOULD be positioned in front of the participant in such a way that it displays the participant fully while standing, sitting, or laying on the mat. Failure to capture a full Asana will be marked accordingly by the Yoga Competition judges.
3. Participants MUST ensure the room in which they are performing the Yoga Asanas has sufficient lighting for the participant and performance to be clearly visible. Poor visibility where the participant’s face is unclear will NOT be accepted.
4. Any other technical issues or requirements not covered within this list will be dealt with appropriately, as decided by the KAILASA Events team and Yoga Acharyas at the issue time.

Competition Categories

The Nithyananda Yoga, International Yoga Day Competition is divided into three different categories:

  • Category A (male/female) – Beginner;
  • Category B (male/female) – Intermediate;
  • Category C (male/female) – Advanced;

Assessment Criteria

The Asanas performed will be assessed based on the following criteria:

    • Technique
    • Stability and Strength
    • Grace
    • Flexibility
    • The difficulty of the Asana


Yoga is from Paramashiva, intended to prime the body for Enlightenment. As such, Yoga should be practiced in an authentic manner, in order to receive its many benefits. The following resources provide participants and viewers context on Authentic, Nithyananda Yoga.

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